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Is /u/discoball the webmaster for imgoat? Get that shit removed before we lose the site completely, sick fucks say we have no morals but they resort to posting CP to try and silence us, how can they look at themselves in the mirror and say "we're the good guys"..?

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Kikes are synonymous with any type of pron. Sick fucking penis mutilating tribe of parasites.

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Only reason why kikes are into cp is because it makes their dicks look almost large enough to be normal sized.

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Screw your font size shilling.

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discoball is the owner, yeah. I flagged all of it and he'll see the reports when he logs in but I gotta go to bed and they may keep posting so I posted this., It's very telling that our enemies have these terrible images.

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It's why they fight so hard, they know if society has any moral standard they will be cast out to tue fringes.

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how can they look at themselves in the mirror and say "we're the good guys"..?

"Because we are the good guys, no matter what we do, the other side is just worse... End justifies the means..."

That's the inherent problem with self proclaimed "good guys", they skip the necessary moral self criticism part entirely, precisely because they are the good guys

Good guys will always be above bad guys, because bad guys are just always worse...

In that context the moral autocriticism becomes useless


God chosen people... Hmmmmm...

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how can they look at themselves in the mirror and say "we're the good guys"..?

"After we win, nobody will challenge our definition of good guys."

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Not just cp but jailbait and teen tease too.

This degenerate shit needs to stop right now.

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Whoever downvoated this needs to fuck off and die.

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I cant believe this post got 7 downvotes. Fuck me for trying defend one of our imghosts, right?

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There are resident pedos on Voat that would downvote you

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It's @Aged

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yup was gonna say the same lol.

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that fuckers been posting shit on catbox too, not sure if cp but its fucking sick.

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Voat has some old trash to clean up as well.... like this guy:


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Typical kike tricks.

(((They))) are afraid.

[–] goytoynamedtroy 3 points 5 points (+8|-3) ago 

(((Whoever))) downvoated this needs to fuck off and die.

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pieces of shit doesn't want their shit censored site imgur to have to compete with anyone so send the liberals to upload CP to any and all sites that dare try. Fucking pathetic how they have to rely on having the monopoly and censorship so the democrat party can survive. Burn in hell pedos.

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Though it was going to be 4chan loli shit, took a look and nearly puked, these people are fucked up man, day of the rope can't come sooner

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Clear your browser cache.

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Take a look!

And nearly puke!

A jewish tactic!


He’s a pedo too, of course.

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Amazing how this never happens with IMGUR

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Is anybody else having issues with catbox as well?

[–] gabara [S] 2 points 13 points (+15|-2) ago 

And ImgTC. Our Image hosts are under attack

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Catbox links will not open for me- it doesn't time out or 404 or anything, whenever I click on a link my PC acts like it's about to load a new page, then suddenly stops like I never made the input.

I'm afraid to even try looking at imgoat after seeing this post. I wouldn't wanna end up like this guy!

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Exactly the same for me. Except mobile. It just loads forever until I try to back out then it crashes.

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I'm not really a fan of anime, but that was absolutely hilarious.

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Haven't been able to get any links from here to catbox or kek for a fortnight now,ruining alot of subs

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