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Homeschooling is not for everyone. Everyone can, however, teach their kids to not be brain dead zombies that believe everything they learn in school.
I know I'll get shit for this, and homeschooling is great but doesn't work everyone. What alarms me more than "not everyone homeshools" is "if you don't homeschool, your letting your kid get brainwashed."
Is your influence not enough to sway them to not buy bullshit? That should be your main priority. Teaching your kids to recognize and question bullshit. To take what they hear in school with a grain of salt. To recognize the difference between fact and opinion. To let learning, not school be of high importance.

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This is bullshit. I grew up in a conservative family and through public school, adults, and friends I became a brainwashed liberal. No, your influence is not enough when children go to school almost as much as a full-time job and spend the remainder of their time socializing and doing homework. Why exactly do you think TPTB wants such a firm grip on education?

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I grew up in poor public school systems and the last fucking thing it made me was liberal

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I'm torn on this comment. On the one hand, I think you're right. On the other, I think people should think for themselves always, regardless of presented information. Question everything you hear.

A motto I love: "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."

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its not. youre just retarded,

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Easier said than done. Parents that "can't" homeschool are either single parents or are both working. They don't have the time to go over what the kids are really learning. Don't doubt for a second that the most pervasive indoctrination isn't coming home in a book that parents can point to. Posters on the wall and in places parents don't go, like the cafeteria will say things kids see, digest and have no reason to repeat.

Things said, not written and a teachers disapproving looks or approving looks do shape kids.

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This is correct. I remember after school each day, my parents would ask me how school was. My reply was always the same. "Fine."

Kids don't know when they're being brain washed. And with all the stuff they hear over the course of the day, the chance that they come home and tell you about the objectionable parts are slim to none.

Homeschooling doesn't have to be difficult. If you seek out other home schooling families in your area, you can team up and each take the kids one or two days a week. If the parents are smart enough to understand the need for home schooling, they're smart enough to present the curriculum.

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It's not that you shouldn't be involved or be able to influence them, but if all you're doing when you come home from work and them from school is trying to undo what someone has been trying to hammer into their brains every day, what do you accomplish? Especially with the state constantly trying to push its authority to take the child for whatever reason it deems fit?

I'd teach my future 3 year old how to swing an axe before I let some commie cunt slip her virus into his mind

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What 7 year old will be able to take everything with a grain of salt or even a 15 year old. It's the parents job to teach the kid. Not the government. It's basically having kids taught by a complete stranger when you hand them over to public school. Stranger is too nice of a word. Practically all public school teachers are communists.

In Germany, it's illegal to home school kids. The German police will take your kids away if you try to home school them. Think about that one. This one German family made the news because they wanted to home school their kids. I believe they fled to Russia.

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If you don't homeschool your kids, you're not a parent, you're a slave breeding vessel.

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In most Europoor countries, homeschooling is illegal. Of course.

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When people sign birth certificates and marriage licenses, they are signing over their kids to the (((state))). It's too sad.

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Serious question;

How do you home-school your kids when it takes 2 salaries just to live these days?

I would love it if my wife could stay at home with the kids.

However, I don't make enough to pay the mortgage, car payment, insurance (health, home owners, and auto), utilities, phone bill, internet bill, buy clothes for my growing kids (myself and wife), shoes for everyone, and food. Let alone have enough left over to put into retirement, savings, and maybe take a vacation every now and then. Oh yeah, there's also that thing called entertainment... but who needs all that?

I could just put my family in a one room apartment, sell my reliable vehicle for a beater with a heater, shop at goodwill, eat out of the trash, and never take a day off so I can never see my kids...

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It all depends on how you define live. I decided in 2008 that being a slave to bills, spending 80% of my waking hours making a guy named Katz even richer wasn't life, so I traded my daily driver for an ex military truck with a cabin on the back and started doing odd jobs. I lived like a king ever since, with new million dollar views every two weeks if I feel like moving.

I haven't had a "job" since. I get up every day and do exactly what I want to do. I can fix or build anything, and have most of the tools to do it, so I can go anywhere and find work instantly if I need it. I voluntarily help nice people whenever I can so my community loves me and does whatever they can to keep me around.

If I had kids, I'd be leaving the country in a heartbeat. I'd find an expat community in Baja or maybe Costa Rica, visit a few times to get to know the community, then load the kids into a bus and move down there. This isn't because I'd want to leave America, but because I'd want to be far away from CPS. If you have children in America, it's basically illegal to live an ethical, sustainable, minimalist life.

If you can't get out, I'd do what you said in your last sentence, but take every day off. I'd go on welfare and sap the system that's trying to enslave me. I'd work for cash. I'd fix my beater without a heater when it needed it and stack whatever coin I could make so at least the kids have a chance to escape when (((they))) come for us. There are awesome clothes at thrift stores. My insurance is eating healthy, exercising, and studying medicine and naturopathy.

Your retirement/savings should go to enabling your kids to learn skills and acquire tools so they can thrive and take care of you when you're older. My mom had $30k saved up when she retired from 30 years of corporate hell and it's gone after three years. If she'd strayed from the typical western selfish feminist greed model and actually helped her kids with that money, we'd be in a better position to take care of her now, but she waited for us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and now I'm too blackpilled and physically broken to play civ and my brother is a pilled up basket case incel so unless she wants to live like a modern hunter gatherer with me, she's on her own.

(((Entertainment))) is a distraction from the drudgery that you're putting yourself through. When you live off the land and as a real part of community, boredom is no longer a thing.

As far as eating out of the trash goes, civilization wastes 50% of the food it produces so you don't even have to go to a dumpster. I adopted freeganism/faith based eating about five years ago and have never starved. As long as I am moving and interacting, food just finds me. whether it's pomegranates growing on an abandoned property or a friend cleaning out their fridge and bringing me a box of food that they'd otherwise throw away, food just comes to me.

There are ways to stay in the US if you're willing to give up some freedom. There are intentional communities, and church organizations like the Mormons that welcome families and are outside the CPS radar.

Have you seen the movie Captain Fantastic? That's an option too.

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Live within your means. It doesn't take two salaries 'just to live these days', you require two salaries because you've deeply indebted yourself and spend more than you earn in order to live a lifestyle that is outside of your means.

The alternative to the indentured servitude you've put yourself in isn't living in a 'one room apartment' and 'eating out of the trash'. It's living comfortably while not impulse spending on shit you don't need.

If you lack the resourcefulness and critical thinking skills to figure out how to home, feed, and clothe your family without dumpster diving or going deep in debt then you deserve your slave status. Sick of this victim of society meme.

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Not everyone has the luxury of time and money to homeschool their children.

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Sorry. I've got to politely call BS on this. It's all about priorities. I know many many homeschool (or alternative school) families - some are wealthy and some are very poor. It's 100% about priorities and what you believe is important in your life.

The only reason one can't homeschool is if they are single parent households. If that's because of death then they have my sympathies and support. (But, in the grand scheme of things, those situations are rare.)

If they are a single parent household because they suck as adults and suck as parents - then my original point stands - they are too selfish to make the raising of their kids a priority.

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Because they've chosen to remain slaves in the (((system))), spending their lives empowering lizards and tyrants instead of learning how to survive as a part of the ecosystem that makes their biology possible. They're literally the main mechanism of the human factory farm paradigm that could bring humanity to its knees.

If they don't have the time and (((money))) to be a good parent, what the hell are they doing having kids in the first place?

Sending kids to government indoctrination center cootie banks is child abuse.

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Goddamnit, stop being so correct.

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Stuff like this (and other shit I've seen in the past in college books) makes me question everything I've learned about history and the past. Makes you wonder if people were really "racist" back in the day. Like when the KKK supposedly encompassed half of the US population, why didn't they just take over and kill every black person?

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No one has ever just hated every black person. The KKK stopped them from doing what landed a million of them in prison now. It's not as bad as being a tree ornament when you have that time preference, but somehow it's worse to get shot by the cops when you'd be expected to

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The KKK was jew/freemasonic controlled oppo. Look it up. 'Kikel' is a circle, hence why they called them 'kikes' when they came here because they used a circle instead of an X when signing documents. KKK is a reference to that. Also, lookup Daniel Burrows. Most of these White supremecist movements are run or infiltrated by kikels.

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The kkk was a great organization back in the day, they really had their priorities straight. They hated niggers and Catholics. If only I had been born 100 years earlier.

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The first thing you learn when you get out of school is that just about everything you have been taught is a lie to some degree. The most important lesson I was ever taught while in school was this it's not important what the "correct answer" is... give them the answer they want, get your A and get the fuck out. You have to play the game to win.

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The first thing you should learn...


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The only way to win is not to play.

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That is not true. By choosing not to play you aren't stopping the game from still taking place. Your inaction is still a move in a game you can't escape. You may feel better about your virtuous action, but it will not affect anything other than your own feelings.

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Can someone type a transcript? This image is too tiny for me to read on mobile. Probably too small to read on my damn PC.

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It's just some far left bull shit description of Trump, furgeson, and BLM. All of it entirely made up bull shit.

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What I really want to know is... what textbook is this? Which schools are it in? Can I know which year and author? Just highlighted text proves nothing, honestly. I want to know who wrote this so I can aim my vitriol their way.

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Kids do have the internet. When you're woke, you just laugh at this stupid shit and see the bias so clearly.

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I was always told as a kid that everything I learned in school was bullshit. It was probably the best advice I ever received.

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Cant read this.

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Teach them propaganda techniques, and ask them to identify examples in school work. Take historical pieces and modern. Which ideas seem more accurate, why? Who uses it, for what purpose? How do different countries use it? Public schools generally are not about excellence; that is achieved by ones own efforts.


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