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well for them its a victory, so they have cause to celebrate.

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I'm hijacking your top rated post because I want to.

"Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, dressed up as the buildings involved in the 9/11 terror attacks, where more than 2,700 people lost their lives"

"The pair won £150 between them after being voted best fancy dress by a DJ at the huge Rosies club in Chester." Chester, Britain.


The radical BS OP posted is no helpful to anyone except the leftist extremist nutters.and their jihadi cock suckers.

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Yeah, very good point.

For the actual image of Jewish children being dressed up as 9/11 for Purim, see http://archive.is/tdflf.

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Yeah, Langford and Collinge don't sound Jewish to me.

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Israel did 9/11

War on the perpetrators of 9/11. War on Israel Now.

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Look up The Dancing Israelis if you aren't already familiar.

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those whores would look great in flames

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Would gas.

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This is one of the most offensive and entirely expected things I’ve ever seen.

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Wait until you hear about the rest of the crap the jews pulled, you'll be ready to actually gas/oven them.

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I remember the Halloween outfit of some kids dressed up as 9/11. They wore it better.

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Do they know the Israelis that were dancing at 9/11?
They were waiting with a video and a bus showing an airplane hitting the twin towers.

Anyway, I would be dressed up dressed as building 7

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Now, imagine, imagine this!

Two people. One dressed like he is inside an oven, like the oven is around him and you can see him through the window. This person has a large fake nose. Second person accompanying him is dressed in a sharp Hugo Boss uniform. He is blond and blue eyed.

How would that go? I wonder...

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