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don't forget about bitchute

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best competitor site so far. i see big creators kind of halfway step over there, thinking YT wont banhammer them like "it wont happen to me", but wow, they get proven wrong every single time

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I mostly forgot about it after looking at it and getting nothing but a white screen with javascript blocked, and then with it enabled, getting an app with huge static headers, enormous whitespace, rotating banners... it's the same "modern" paradigm and they'll do the same "modern" spying and censorship if they get big

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Eh it’s nice for learning how to fix shit.

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It's how you use it. Avoid this: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/21548/push-media

Make sure you're watching things that you decided to watch, not things someone else offered for you to watch.

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This. People need to actively use the internet instead of being suggested things to browse.

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Talmud Vision

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I hear ya.. I'm not particularly worried about the political element of these (((search optimizations))), because I will find what I'm looking for regardless of them trying to keep that under the rug. What I am however annoyed about is that Youtube used to present me with random stuff that I didn't even know I had an interest in! That was what it was really good at!

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Same here. I miss old YouTube for the endless hours of discovery. Now there is nothing but pandering to some agenda or pop culture.

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It used to be some wonderful route of you somehow venturing from looking at cats => International Space Station => Tic-Tac's up you nose => Guy falling down stairs => Knife forging => History of Japan => Random roll of dice => Shouldn't have clicked that!!

You just don't get that anymore. Anywhere. And I'm angry about it.

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Nope. Youtube is still gay.

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OMG pewdiepie is saving it for you?? lol, my 14 year old cousin stopped watching that channel because "pewdiepie is garbage".... and I think he stopped watching it a year or two ago (closer to age 9).

i was trying to watch his videos to see what exactly another buddy of mine was watching and whatnot... couldn't keep watching them.

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PewDiePie is a red pilling machine and the most famous youtube channel.

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I agree with both of you. I cannot stand him. But he is doing ENORMOUS GOOD. You cannot condemn people for ignorance. Evil yes. But not ignorance.

Just like you used to love Dr. Seuss and now can't stand it. Bridging ignorant people into enlightenment is PewDiePie's super power.

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Look like your cousin is lost to the leftists. Pewdiepie is based.

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He is based but still annoying

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Pewdiepie is based.

I wouldn't go that far since that statement basically signals to others that his word can be taken at face value, and as another user here said: it was the leftist backlash against something he said that lead people to believe he's "based".

So you have to be careful if you're trying to help your cause and people on your team.

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Pewdiepie did or said something political not too long ago that tingled the fox news section of the conservative brain and now he's considered as part of that tribe. It doesn't matter how autistic and cringey he is, the right leaning political tribe will always fawn over him now.

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He pissed off the ex-Gawker sphere and said "nigger" on a stream... and survived

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I dont think so.. if they can show this video by eric clopper naming the jew and declaring war on judiasm youtube is not that bad.


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Really.. are you 14 year old that figured out u can make money being a piece of shit online?? Congrats if you are getting paid you fucking idiot. Watch the video and tell me where he is wrong

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Not to mention it’s all nigger rap on the music section

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Oh and reddit has a shadow banning problem and their mods and admins need to be made fun of. Shame on YouTube shame on google shame on Susan Wojcicki shame on reddit and shame on reddits admins and mods their all Jew niggerfaggots.

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