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Shes smart enough to argue whatever unpopular, but logical, point will get her the most amount of coverage. Why do you think shes traveling to glaringly blue-pilled countries? It's no different than Milo trying to go to UC Berkley. It rallies the troops, further divides the political parties, and gets people itching for open conflict. Shes the ultimate opportunist, and many right wingers are drinking the koolaid.

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Milo is a fag who chug-a-lugs jizz from negro penises. Great example.

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Both are looking for their 15 minutes of shame, and will do whatever it takes to get there. Lauren Southern proved this when she changed her YouTube channel to make up how tos, so that her videos could be monetized again. They will both bend over for the almighty dollar.

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Neck yourself faggot, you JIDF cunts never learn.

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Wow! You’re real edgy with that “neck yourself” bit.

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I'm standing up for white folks' rights! BTW, I happen to enjoy negro semen injected into my anus on a regular basis....

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You might want to get tested.