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Look at Muslims. They supposedly don't masturbate, and they're pretty much entirely preoccupied by rape and murder.

They also treat women like complete fucking garbage.

I know this is no surprise to anyone on here but years ago long before 9/11 and all this shit I knew a mooslim my friends pitied and allowing into our friend group. This guy was fucked up in so many ways I could go on for hours but when it came to women I would put him in the same group with Ted Bundy. It's not that he was awkward or hated them, he violently despised them

I have no idea where the guy is now but I can guarantee he has been a rapist several times over. If they found bodies of women under his bed it wouldn't come as a shock.

But people that play video games, don't date and watch porn are the violent ones. That shit's hilarious