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I’ve never masturbated a goat, but ok.

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Pesky dangling modifier.

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is that what they're calling balls now ?

damn pc is out of control

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There is now a line of voat-goats outside your door....

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He or she will now be referred to as @spunkface

I’m spent......next

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Well, he doesn't have to. He has super-models competing fo the opportunity to bounce up and down on his dick.

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Even a broke, retarded junkie can get laid whenever he wants, by good looking women, too. Just get fit— it's so fucking easy. You don't even have to have a good personality, just don't be overtly creepy. Thots will flock to your dick, from miles around. It's almost not even funny, and actually kind of sad, how a set of abs and arm definition will have them bumping in to you, like moths to a lamp. You actually lose a bit of respect for women, after that. It's probably (lol, definitely*) all the Jew conditioning, turning them in to sluts.

Just sayin', "excuses, excuses".

EDIT: lol, so many triggered thots. At least I respect @killkillkill for having the balls to voice his opinion. My jam, atm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM

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Don't be a degenerate. You can rise above your base desires without banging whores. Yes, if you are good looking, you can do whatever you want to women sexually.

Doesn't mean you should.

Ignore used goods. Find a wife. Build a society where you would be able to find a spouse for your kids, too.

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Hard truth. Stopped at the bar tonight after work. The two bartenders behind the counter were salivating over an in shape dude that had more ink than skin. Facial tattoos everything. Looked like he was drugged out. But he was in shape (probably because of the drugs). Overheard them both talking about how they had taken the name off of his debit card and creeped him hard on Fagbook, etc. These women weren't some 22 year old bimbos either. They were approaching the wall and were still seeking random dangerous dick.

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I would say you also have to practice on being somewhat charismatic. Things like talking about yourself too much is a good way to turn women off, they basically just want to talk about themselves right?

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yeah but who wants to fuck a thot? bitch probably crawlin with diseases.

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This. He masturbates, he just uses a super model to do it with.

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The last president liked it in the ass from a tranny.

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I feel sorry for the white house cleaning crew, having to clean blood, shit, and lube out of the carpet in the oval office must have been tough.

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Oh ci ci White House very unclean.

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Seriously? You guys are retarded

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Eh, stop stressing about it.

If you need to jerk it, jerk it, then get the fuck on with your day. You have enough leftist shithole fuckbags wagging their finger at you for being "toxic and masculine" without bring in self-hate for the occasional fap.

Look at Muslims. They supposedly don't masturbate, and they're pretty much entirely preoccupied by rape and murder.

Do it. Don't do it. Just don't obsess over it and make it a "thing".
Sure, don't be a slave to porn. Don't let it become a kink or whatever.
Treat it like taking a shit.

Porn addicts should absolutely do the two week no-fap challenge.
But don't replace obsessive masturbation with obsessive an no-fapping lifestyle.
Find a way to stop it ruling your life in general.

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Look at Muslims. They supposedly don't masturbate, and they're pretty much entirely preoccupied by rape and murder.

They also treat women like complete fucking garbage.

I know this is no surprise to anyone on here but years ago long before 9/11 and all this shit I knew a mooslim my friends pitied and allowing into our friend group. This guy was fucked up in so many ways I could go on for hours but when it came to women I would put him in the same group with Ted Bundy. It's not that he was awkward or hated them, he violently despised them

I have no idea where the guy is now but I can guarantee he has been a rapist several times over. If they found bodies of women under his bed it wouldn't come as a shock.

But people that play video games, don't date and watch porn are the violent ones. That shit's hilarious

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"If you need to jerk it" is where your post is disagreeable. Everything else sounded fine, but there is no need to jerk it. If you have a wife or soon-to-be-wife, give her The D. If you don't, you should work on that and forget about masturbation.

Survival and procreation. Porn/masturbation is a distraction (from one of these, at least).

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I agree on what you say about porn, but disagree on your comments regarding wives.

As soon as you marry that girl, she's won. No matter how good you look, or what you do, the sex gets a lot worse, and less frequent, as soon as you marry. That said, a stable marriage is the perfect environment to raise children in. Your best strategy then is to just get a few side chicks, and rotate them frequently.

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I get it, and agree...but the guy drinks diet coke and loves fast food...so I am more inclined to believe it is because he can't make money off it than because he believes it to be immoral or detrimental to the human spirit.

[–] Hydrocephalus 1 points 19 points (+20|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I think it's because he gets high class whores and an almost endless supply of women who would fuck him just to be close to a powerful man.

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Nofap raises testosterone

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Someone who goes out looking for something that supports what they've already decided to believe will find just that, every time

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So does fapping aka ejaculation lower testosterone?

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Maybe he's just really, really busy?

Easiest way to do no-fap: be very busy. When you're sitting at home all day, it's really difficult. But when your day is packed from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you collapse on the bed, the days fly by.

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He eats fast food because he knows it won't be poisoned. I don't have a excuse on the sofa though

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Masturbation probably would have been a wiser choice than banging a pornstar.

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I don't masturbate when I'm banging multiple chicks either.

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From my cold dead hands.

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