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SJW tactics don't work on SWJs just lead pure and simple.

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i still don't understand why there aren't rational murders that are not traceable.

Are there assasinations that we never hear about because they don't want everyone taking part? I know that if I were to an hero i'd start looking for where i should start, and spend a year planning it out.

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Helicopter Rides (vuelos de la muerte)

Helicopter Rides work historically but not used on continental USA:


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Boycott them and ask if they watched the eric clopper video they are jews they will be triggered.

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Do you really expect us to stoop to the liberal level of censoring free speech? I hate the Times for their choice, but they have a right to hire as many racists as they choose, just as I have a right not to support their business anymore. I can find out who their supporters, and I don't need their products.

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and we have a right to contact them and ask them whatever we want.

stoop? Are you sure? if it's more effective then it's climing to that level, not stooping. Unless you consider failure a virtue that will yeild you in imaginary cuckristrianity paradise

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Do you honestly think that the advertisers care, when discriminating against whites is so mainstream? They know full and well who they are supporting and couldn't give a rat's ass about our opinions. They know how to delete recordings off the answering machines. What they do care about is the almighty dollar, and will suck off the nastiest AIDS ridden dick to get a buck. If you refuse to buy their product or from the Jew York Times, then it will hit them where it hurts. Remember what happened to Chick Fil A when the public found out about the owners opinions of gays, and then Target came out in favor of gays? Which made headlines; the massive turn out at CFA or the boycott against Target and Nabisco? I saw a lot more coverage of CFA than I did Target and the Oreo faggots.

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Yes. This is one of the more effective ways, IMHO, of getting to these people.

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You know they don't care what you think, right? They only care about the bottom dollar, not your feelings. I can't stop you, but I will see you as compromising your morals in regards to free speech. You're still a niggerfaggot like the rest of us, but attacking a company with different views than you is what the leftists do.

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Holding people to their own book of rules is perfectly ethical. It doesn't mean you need to practice those rules yourself or impose them on anyone else.

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Yo man, I couldn't PM you because I didn't have enough CCPTM so I'll just reply to a random post of yours like a proper nigger.

Did you ever create the mass-deletion (modification) script you were talking about back in 2018?

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This is potentially a new GamerGate. We could do to the New York Times what we successfully did to Gawker back in 2014.

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Maybe they don't want that 'whites' are buying their newspaper?

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Because voaters are so against racism right? ROFL

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define racism... if facts can be racist then voat is guilty. my personal opinion is that black/brown people were told by (((the media and the media's puppeteers))) that white people are the cause of everything wrong in their lives and they are owed everything from white people (and men in particular). I recall going to DFW airport about 18 years ago and seeing everyone coexist, knowing their place in society, now everything is in chaos, everyone thinks that it is okay to abuse white people.

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Better idea... Instead of being a liberal faggot, why not just keep track of who continues to advertise with the Times and stop buying those products or stop using those services. Call for a boycott and keep track of them if you like, but communist style threats and extremest Alinsky tactics are what we're fighting against here.

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Grow up faggot. Racism is in now. Let's do this

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