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Yes because then they try to use kids in their schemes promoting it and encouraging it.

They need to be committed and put away.


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They are but one symptom of a greater problem that exists within western society.


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Does mentally I'll men castrating themselves (and effectively removing themselves from the gene pool) negatively impact society?

Yes, because all humans have a certain cost associated with them; they still eat, breathe, consume space, contribute to the student loan bubble, compete with you on house purchases, etc. This means that, even if their net contribution was zero, they are draining society just to pay the maintenance costs of their existence. No, earning enough money to subside does not offset any man's drain on society.

Of course, these guys are worse, since they negatively contribute; they spread their rhetoric (zealously in most cases), contribute to the increase in 'emotional reasoning' over logical reasoning (btw, this is the original Aristotelian definition of 'rhetoric' - literally emotional reasoning for those who can't logically reason), and, as a rule, they indulge in other regressive things (generally, the MTF tranny is the peak of self destruction after going through the gay->gaywhore->bugchasing->crossdressing->self mutiliation pipeline), and tend to be more vocal and aggressive about their political positions than their normal human counterparts.

Does the push for weak ( mentally, or emotionally) men to cut their junk off hurt society as a whole?

It does as I explained above, but it should be treated as a symptom - society is sick, and we can do A-B comparisons of our society now vs 40-50 years ago when these fuckers didn't exist to see where the real problem lies.

The answer, btw, is feminism was coopted in the 70's - 80's from just 'pro women' to 'pro women's sexuality', and then it aligned with the tiny but quite degenerate GL group (meaning Gay/Lesbian, before feminists changed it to put lesbians first). Originally, nobody gave a fuck about the gays, but feminism has had a lot of pull over the last century, and so the sexual degeneracy was attached to and used the various feminist movements as a vehicle to force their way into normalcy.

BTW, originally, the feminists didn't like the GL guys, since their movements were rife with organized pedophilia, amongst other unsavory things, and the feminists railed against pornography. Post cooption, feminism became about whoring yourself out 'on your own terms'.

I'll grab some interesting links for you, just a sec.

Edit: For clarity, feminism also attacks the core of society, but in a much more sophistic manner (i.e. it sounds viable, but doesn't work in reality).

This link details post-sexual-coup feminists lamenting being stuck in with the sexually degenerate gays, and basically wondering how their movement got even more degenerate.

  • (In Reason 3): "In gay male culture we see the phenomenon of a sexuality of self-mutilation and slavery, of tattooing, piercing, and sadomasochism, turned into the very symbol of what gayness is. "

  • Later, ""Transgressive" lesbianism, derived from the sex industry and mimicking gay male culture, is now presented as a progressive "woman's" sexuality, a model for how heterosexual women could and should be."

And so on.

This link is a site once ran by one of the feminist bigwigs pre-coup, when they were trying to push the pedos out. I archived that entire site, as I have found nowhere else so complete a dossier on the original internet pedophiles.

And this page is also pre-coup, when they were battling the pornographers (which, by the way, were jewish - the pornographers/jews actually were pro-feminist until the feminists targeted hustler magazine, and Alan Dershowitz led the resistance, and this is what triggered the internal coup).


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the main issue is the push to have them share change rooms and bathrooms with your wives and daughters. its the normalization push thats the problem.


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Mother fuck to you dawg. Stop making this kind of stupid question