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Straight out of the left's playbook, this is brilliant. I love it. Let's organize some boycotts boys!

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The mob is moving slowly on this one. Time to fight fire with fire!

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These are tactics of the left. The Right is only now deciding to fight fire with fire, but I am sure the speed in which right-leaning outrage response is growing, will increase.

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I have no problem with companies hiring racists, I have a problem with the hypocrisy and mental gymnastics they display when they pull this type of shit. Something similar happened to some white SJW that the jew york times hired and they fired her immediately. Just come out and say "We hate white people, and we're going to discriminate based on that." It's fairly obvious through their actions that those kikes do, just fucking say it.

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Sorry, but this tactic only works in one direction.

They don't give a fuck about $$$$ when it comes to pounding on Conservatives.

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