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no such language as american english.

Well, that's technically correct. American English is a dialect, not a separate language. Nonetheless, thank you for the translation.

Is bananabender an insulting term for a queenslander or just funsies?


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more funsies. like us calling new zealanders sheep fuckers.

Victorian - Mexican/Bandito (South of the border)

Tasmanian - Mutant (check for the scars on the shoulder where the vestigial limb was removed)

New South Wales - Cabbagepatchers/Cunts

Queensland - Banana Bender/Banana Republican/Queerlander

Northern Territory - Niggers

South Australia - Croweater (I think its a reference to the state seal which im pretty sure is actually a magpie)

Western Australian - Sand Groper/Sand Eater/WAnker

ACT/Canberra - Cabbagepatcher/Wannabe Welshman (Its a city state in the middle of new south wales, an absolute fucking shithole, and full of yuppies. They dont like being reminded they are ultimately just new south welsh, no shit. last time i went there a dude ran out in the front of my car and starts screaming "JUST FUCKING KILL ME")