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I want to see a follow up of this.

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I predict that this doctor will be found out as a pedo after investigation.

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"condemning pedophilia makes you a racist bigot trying to force your morals on people where pedophilia is the norm " https://imgoat.com/uploads/5ded5353c5/131193.jpg

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How are such things so predictable without any obvious connection? We shouldn't be able to predict thith. Strang world.

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Fairly sure he is also a faggot and we all know where that goes.

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I want to see the lawsuit filed over this. I'd love to see this "doctor" fired and license to practice medicine (assuming hr is a madical doctor) pulled over this.

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HIPAA laws here would get his license revoked for publishing personal information. He would be sued and and lose too . . .

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I wouldn't mind seeing 'him' beheaded, but I'm way past the tolerating-bullshit stage.

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Long term follow-up. Escapes to Poland, Escapes to US, or Thrown off the roof by his new foreign besties that he has been treating for free.

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He has cuck face syndrome

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Here is a larger photo of his face.


He has one hell of a receeding hairline. I don't know why anyone is calling the soyboy a MTF tranny. I suspect he just likes to get railed up the ass by trannies.

Another large photo with his husband Dan.



And a photo with his retarded cousins in New Jersey.



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LOL looks like a muppet.

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Assume the "larger photo of his face" is with his mother, who he's likely he had a lifelong affair with. Does his "husband" know??? I pray these things can never be cloned to pass on their mutated genes.

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Apparently the testosterone makes the ftm trannies lose their hair

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This, and those eyes look like something from that Japanese "Sanpaku" chart.
Deranged looking motherfucker.

[–] 77777 7 points -1 points (+6|-7) ago 

It's an FTM tranny. That's why shes so pissed!

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[–] 7e62ce85 2 points 26 points (+28|-2) ago 

"Do no harm" "Patient/doctor confidence" "Data privacy laws" pffft who cares about that stuff!

He should get sued under the new crazy EU (that this cuck probably loves too ) privacy laws and since the UK is slow walking the Brexit it will still work.

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The GDPR is actually a quite decent bit of work and it would absolutely fuck him severely for releasing this information (indeed, Twitter could fuck him as well). Not that doctor patient confidentiality would presumably be a thing as well but I'm not familiar with the NHS or UK law on this.

GDPR, like HIPAA, is potentially a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with but it does actually help the people it's meant to protect. Those of us who took privacy seriously from the beginning have had remarkably little extra work to become GDPR compliant. You can tell because of the massive resistance to it from the usual suspects who want to sell your data or kickstarter fags who don't want to deal with pesky things like laws as they fuck you over for your personal info.

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In the UK, the Office of the Information Commissioner is supposed to protect people when orgs breach the DPA, but it is notoriously reticent to challenge any wrongdoing by the NHS.

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Ah, marketing speak.

Someone clearly doesn't work with protected data nor looked into what GDPR vs HIPAA does other than read a few articles.

Edit: For those that are watching this little argument: GDPR makes things like your IP address or Web Site ownership PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Sounds great, right? It's actually fucking horrible for businesses that have a global reach as we log information because of security - that's now "covered data". If someone is attacking us, or we want to know who is connecting to us via API's - we verify that info via WHOIS. NOPE! Not under GDPR. So, while this jackass thinks he knows what he's talking about (and later admits he doesn't deal with HIPAA or otherwise), many of us actually care about our jobs, our customer data and otherwise. For instance: My own wife's data is covered data in my company. How the fuck am I "not going to care" about that? Dipshittery, that's how. I haven't even covered the State regs nor the required regs from our own customers. HIPAA is meant to protect you from stupid people and be Umbrella Coverage, just like GDPR. There are much more powerful certifications out there and contractual language that punish entities.

I'm done with this idiot.

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Nah. Anon should axe murder the motherfucker. Problem solved.

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Yeah if I was on that jury I'd probably come back with a not guilty verdict.

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"Do no harm" is an oath to God. Leftists and many doctors are irreligious and disbelieve and give no weight to their oaths. Question #1 to a doctor you rely on for care should be if they are some flavor of Atheist...though i personally would have Christian only physicians.

[–] lexsird 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

I prefer 'Christians only' anything, not just doctors. Cops especially.

[–] Alopix 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Do no harm is part of an oath written centuries before your religion was invented.

So no, it's not an oath to your god.

[–] Dereliction 4 points 1 points (+5|-4) ago 

It's hard to take an oath seriously when you insist we pledge it to a sky fairy.

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Reminds me of Bill's wife and her handling of private information...

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Doctor that don't believe in chromosomes should have their medical license revoked

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That guy looks like a bitch.

What is wrong with the world is so many wimp ass faggots are given a voice by the internet. The kind of people who would never be heard in real life are now trying to call the shots through an internet mafia.

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No one is killing them IRL.

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he also thinks condemning pedophillia is imposing western colonialism and morals to the world.

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It would be a terrible shame if anyone found out his address

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In other words,

Please dox me so strangers can fuck with me. Thank you.

  • Dr. Adrian Harrop, NHS physician

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I've always wondered what kind of hypocritical bigotry ultimately leads to:

  • intolerance towards psychologically normal outlooks
  • trying to make people feel harassed and unwelcome despite legitimate views
  • "justifying" hate crimes by way of painting someone as a bigot

Not saying that any of this applies to the original tweeter, because I haven't read their timeline, but the doctor's response to it gives me the chills, and it's all too easy for it to miss its mark. Earlier today I spoke with one of the few survivors of a mujahideen concentration camp, and how after he got out, he had to listen to stories about how he was supposedly one of the unforgivable villains who slaughtered all those poor, innocent muslims. Yes, a muslim can be a nice person, and yes there are muslims who face discrimination, but it doesn't mean that going vigilante against someone who holds anti-muslim views is either understandable or the right thing to do.

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