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Anyone that calls himself a Christian and calls himself a Zionist is not a Christian.

True Christians are against Zionism because we oppose the Synagogue of Satan.

Begone with your falsehood you deceiving shill.

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I don’t know how anyone can read the NT and miss that a major theme throughout it is the Jews losing their chosen status and Christians being the chosen. The parable of the husbandman and the vineyard, parable of the wedding they were bidden to come, the parable of the olive tree, the “promise of the seed of Abraham has been imparted unto you (Christians), God looking at the heart to determine if you are “jew” (chosen). Never mind the “let his blood be upon us and our children forever”.

The jew worship was never a part of most of Christian history until the scofield bible which really did a number on the greatest and boomer generations. Thankfully, many of the newest generation of Christians are actually reading the Bible and taking the plain interpretation and realizing this terrible error.

Yes, I look towards the new Jerusalem, but not an earthly one establish by man and the synagogue of Satan, but a heavenly one establish by God after the great white throne judgement.

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There are many passages on which Jesus denounced the jews in the letter for being phony.

Is sad that many people here don't get that. But well all I can do is denounce the falsity of those statements.

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Exactly. Sounds more like a jew trying to get white people to fight amongst themselves.

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ALL zionists get the gas.

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As an atheist this is the only religion stand point I can agree with.

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...and heretics. Zionism is a Prottie heresy.

To quote St. John Chrysostom:

But do not be surprised that I called the Jews pitiable. They really are pitiable and miserable. When so many blessings from heaven came into their hands, they thrust them aside and were at great pains to reject them. The morning Sun of Justice arose for them, but they thrust aside its rays and still sit in darkness. We, who were nurtured by darkness, drew the light to ourselves and were freed from the gloom of their error. They were the branches of that holy root, but those branches were broken. We had no share in the root, but we did reap the fruit of godliness. From their childhood they read the prophets, but they crucified him whom the prophets had foretold. We did not hear the divine prophecies but we did worship him of whom they prophesied. And so they are pitiful because they rejected the blessings which were sent to them, while others seized hold of these blessing and drew them to themselves. Although those Jews had been called to the adoption of sons, they fell to kinship with dogs; we who were dogs received the strength, through God's grace, to put aside the irrational nature which was ours and to rise to the honor of sons. - Against the Jews, Homily 1

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Christian-zionists number 1? Absolutely not. There will always be the confused. You're not delving nearly deep enough.

Funnily enough, it's the enemy that would spread that false dichotomy of left vs. right wing golems. Next you're going to tell me it's primarily only right wing purim jews, or primarily only left wing passover jews.

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Christian-Zionism is 90% of the leverage (((they))) have over )))us((( without it (((they))) are next to politically impotent, they would still have bribes and black mail but that would about it.

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You're just not going deep enough. Are they any more or less traitorous than other golems, just because they have greater numbers (perhaps what you were trying to say). To run with the zionist example, what about pagan zionists? Atheist zionists? Muslim zionists?

We have even deeper issues, than that specific subset of satanic enablers. If tomorrow they didn't exist, would the white race and humanities future be secured? Theoretically, the vacuum you'd create, would simply let the more liberal saitanic enablers run wild. Things are just not that simple.

Really, I think that at the very bottom, your most fundamental threat is an inward one, if only just so that you can pay attention and make better choices.

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Christians who support jews just didnt read the bible. its obvious that the bible includes the old testament (jew teachigns) in order to show the reader a complete story. --- OT - this is how they used to do it NT -- this is how its done now.

The new testament doesnt make sense if the reader doesnt understand out of what belief christianity is born out of.

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I would say an unmissable major theme that is throughout the entire NT is jews not being the chosen and the chosen status being upon Christians. I don’t know how anyone could read it and not see that Christians are God’s ‘chosen’ and bloodlines have nothing to do with it.

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Relevant http://www.jewsonfirst.org/09a/broitman.html

When Menachem Begin became Prime Minister, he made it a point to cultivate relationships with the American religious right. He became good friends with Jerry Falwell, inviting him and hundreds of other evangelical pastors for trips to Israel at the expense of the Israeli government. Falwell responded with endorsements of the Likud Party’s strategy of building Israeli Settlements throughout the West Bank. Begin’s government later gave Falwell his own jet to make his travels to Israel easier.5 Falwell and other leaders of the religious right, including Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, and Oral Roberts came through when they were needed by Likud politicians to lobby for their policies. In 1998 when Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came on a state visit to the United States, his first stop was to see leaders of the religious right, such as Ralph Reed director of the Christian Coalition. “We have no greater friends and allies,” he said to them, than the people sitting in this room.”6

Netanyahu’s statement may be startling to some, but it does make sense if one’s priority for Israel is to hold on to all the biblical land. They were Netanyahu’s best friends, better friends than President Clinton from that perspective, with whom he was meeting the next day and who was pressuring Netanyahu as well as the Palestinians to meaningfully negotiate. For the Likud party and their supporters, this was a smart political alliance. Liberal objections about the real motives of these Evangelicals were not persuasive. True, these Christian right leaders believed the real significance of the State of Israel was its role in the apocalyptic end-times scenario, which they believed would culminate in the wiping out of most Jews and the conversion of the remaining few. This is deeply problematic and offensive for us as Jews. One could argue, however, that we don’t believe in these visions of the end time anyway, so what do they matter? If we agree on what should happen in this world, why not agree to disagree on what happens in the next.

Let’s therefore agree to set aside end-times religious beliefs for the moment. Let’s even agree to set aside broad differences in our respective community’s domestic agenda. Solely on the level of Israel’s security, is this alliance a wise one? Does this help toward building the future well being of Israel - both in terms of how American Jews understand Israel and also how Israel views itself? If one’s priority is holding on to the West Bank, then perhaps the alliance is a wise one. In the face of demographic realities, many Likud politicians including Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and others who formed the Kadima party have moderated their hard line commitment to holding on to the West Bank. They have all been influenced by the demographic reality that if Israel held on to the West Bank, Jews would inevitably become a minority in their own country, creating a state that could not be both democratic and Jewish.

As former Likud politicians such as Sharon and Olmert have moderated their stance, what has been the response of their allies in the American religious right? The response of the Christian right has been to lobby harder against any Israeli government effort to negotiate land for peace and any American effort to lead in that regard. What’s more, Pat Robertson has suggested that Sharon is in a coma because of his evacuation of Gaza settlements.7 Pastor Hagee has said that Hurricane Katrina happened because the Bush administration supported Sharon’s Gaza plan.8 And Christian Zionist lobbying efforts have played no small part in the Bush administration downgrading of the conflict on the America agenda, with the result that there has been no serious negotiations in almost 8 years. There is an even darker side, to this movement of the religious right that calls itself “Christian Zionism.” Many of these groups have supported some of Israel’s most extreme and most dangerous elements with large amounts of money and legitimacy. They have supported, for example extremist Jewish groups such as the Temple Mount Faithful who want to move or destroy the Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock in order to build the Third Temple on the site. Pat Robertson had Gershon Salomon, leader of the “Temple Mount Faithful” on his 700 Club.9 Salomon has also been invited to speak on many Evangelical tours to Israel.

I don’t have to tell you the apocalypse that would take place if these fundamentalist funded extremists had their way, God forbid, and what a security threat that pose to Israel.


And now, the cherry on the shitcake... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFr4C2BPLeM

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Add to that any (((Judeo-Christian)))

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Christianity, another stupid, foreign middle-Eastern goat fucker religion that has nothing to do with Northern Europe.

Jebus was a never-married bitch effeminate Jew fag.

Fuck the Hebrews and their holy book.


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i remember reading that some unfortunate elements corrupted churg orgs a while back, which led to this. coupled with right wing christians consuming fox news... need to re establish control for ourselves and that will never happen in these corrupted nations of ours, its too far gone. we have to rebuild, create a new civ for ourselves seperate from these traitors.

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Yes it's too far gone we need a hard reset

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