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be a country, an enemy invades, just ignore them, fighting them gives them power. lol.

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lol indeed. If thats your response to what I wrote, then it should be apparent to even the most delusional of people, that my words went right over your head. Perhaps you simply lack the experiences in life to understand and thats not your fault.

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I actually read the whole thing, and I grasp it. The reason my reply was so ignorant is because that's the level of intellect someone must have to think that you should ignore the jews….

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I definitely agree with this part though, if you take the world "our" out...

"If you ignore them and simply work to address the flaws of our cultures and societies you will still accomplish the same goal and at the same time steal their power in all respects. This is what they fear most and it is, therefore, the only rational and logical option. All else is masturbation. "

I usually try to recruit Venusians for a truly sustainable project because they're right around the corner from the real truth, but sadly, this is voat, and I've already dealt with enough MK Ultra fuckers.

I will tell you this though, the path to truth, sustainability, evolution, and freedom is a steep, slippery, and impossible to stop ride that ends with anarcho-primitivism. The answer to the search for truth is a black pill that you can't throw up no matter how hard you try.

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As to the matter of the pronoun, that is my mistake and frankly a debate on semantics. I see a forest, most people just see trees. To me, everything regarding people/humans is all about us and so it is all "ours" for better or for worse, I make no distinction.... It makes things simpler but perhaps that's just my opinion.

The innumerable variables and considerations that must be laid out to properly enunciate out why I believe what I believe are frankly more appropriate for a 72 hour lecture. But what it all boils down to is quite simple. Either you chose, and it is a choice, to believe that man is capable of anything or you believe that he is a slave to some invisible hand of fate. I subscribe to the former and frankly, I view defeatists as you portray yourself to be a disease and I have no interest in a disease.

I don't believe in static visions or goals for the future. What I would hope we all work towards is the vision of TVP, however I use that label in so far as there is no better description that I have been made aware of. Yet I understand that just as a honey bee cannot comprehend a cell phone we too are doomed by our circumstances to fail to grasp what TVP would look like in practice. I am no fool, it is a goal which you and I will NEVER see. Anyone born of this paradigm cannot exist in such a world, and as long as any of us are still around that vision will never come true. Not because of genocide, but due to how cultural or human evolution work. We would need 3-4 generations MINIMUM before we would get close.

The irony is that despite the resistance of men like you, there is one fact, despite its bitter taste that you cannot refute. That is that we either achieve TVP or we suffer the fate of Ozymandias. It is as inevitable as the mutations of the Galapagos tortoise. Nature and evolution do not care about our feelings or our biases, they have no stake in our fate, either way, all they do is enforce their rules, for better or worse.

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You called me a defeatist and a disease. We can't go very far on that foundation. Enjoy your false hopes and delusions of grandeur.

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When I asked him two questions about his ideas, he not only had no answers, he got mad.

Question 1: If your techno-utopia will end up disempowering the psychopaths that currently use their vast military powers to control the world's unsustainable resource distribution systems, why would they allow you to obtain the resources to build it?

Question 2: How can there be freedom in any system ruled by men, or their machines?

I respect his drive, artistic vision, and intention, but he was an egomaniac that had no idea what he was doing.

He's also guilty of distracting people from real sustainable lifestyles and giving people false hope that they can continue their consumption habits.

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Did you have an answer to those questions you asked? What makes you think he owed you a direct answer when you yourself could not produce one? I don't mean to take you back to elementary school, but you've demonstrated a logical phallacy by appealing to authority.

The problem with people like you is that you are too far gone, swallowed by this matrix of ours and you cannot see beyond its veneer, hell you couldn't even comprehend the existence of its veneer even if I had a gun to your head.

The very instant that people like you stand up and say, "That's a great plan, now spell out in excruciating detail how will daily life work and function for EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL." The whole thing falls to pieces. The questions you asked and the way you asked them to indicate you are looking for answers from an authority figure. TVP cannot have a leader as such. A revolution needs a leader to perhaps get things started, to get the wheels spinning, but a moment beyond that and you have tyranny. This is a human problem to which there is no authority to ask and to think so means you're already lost and incapable of finding your way back onto the path.

Despite your one-dimensional thought process, I can try to demonstrate what I believe would be appropriate answers to your questions.

Question 1: If your techno-utopia will end up disempowering the psychopaths that currently use their vast military powers to control the world's unsustainable resource distribution systems, why would they allow you to obtain the resources to build it?

Who is there to stop us? A handful of psychopaths who probably have never used a firearm on anyone who wasn't chained to their basement wall? Or perhaps you're referring to the billions of people on this planet convinced as you are that they are better off serving their masters who mistreat most of them than they are serving anything else. While I understand the current power of the control paradigm, it is nothing more than an ideology, a choice on the part of each soldier. I'm not saying its easy, I'm just pointing out that it's also far from impossible.

Question 2: How can there be freedom in any system ruled by men, or their machines?

Freedom is a twisted joke. Retold and rebranded so many times that it has no meaning anymore beyond the fashionable and vapid attributes of the time period we occupy. Will nobody feel maligned in this Utopia, likely not but its impossible for me to say. One example is that with a higher quality of life and medical care, fewer people would die so obviously we can't let niggers and whomever else breed like rabbits. I'm quite certain that just this one point alone would disgust people and turn many more away at the thought of the state or some AI program dictating who can procreate and who cannot. Is this freedom is this tyranny. I don't know. But you must admit that rational and unbiased population control is a fair price to pay if we eliminate wars, gang violence, and human trafficking. Look into the face of a 10yr old sex trafficking victim and tell her she had to endure her reality so that the vast majority could enjoy the illusion that they can have as many kids as they can "afford".

He hasn't distracted anyone, near as I can tell most people are turned away by his ideas and visions. His lack of popularity though does nothing to discredit him in my mind though, quite the opposite in fact. All the great historical minds that we learn of, every last one was deemed a lunatic, a heretic and some forced to drink poison for proclaiming truths which today we hold as self-evident. I don't know what it is about me or those like me, perhaps its pain and the experience it brings, the sense of loss and hopelessness that allows men like me to see beyond the veneer or our current culture. But there is something to it, I have yet to meet my equal in person, and have been forced to instead make due with long since dead historians, authors, inventors, scientists, and philosophers.

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I attempted to explain my proven to work solution to him and he refused to let me get three words in before shaking his head and talking over me. I live true freedom, every day, and am looking for others that can handle the responsibility, not people that want a robot god to organize their lives for them.

I'm outside the matrix of civilization, and it's nice out here. I interact with it on a completely voluntary basis. I've empowered myself by turning waste into resources, and by building community instead of compounds. You make a lot of claims about me yet know absolutely nothing about my ideas or how I live. Try to have a more open mind and not be so attacky if you're really interested in truth. Just a little clue---The amount of freedom one has is in direct proportion to their connection with and respect of nature's laws over man's laws.

Civilization breeds psychopaths, and concentrates them at the top. These guys may not know how to shoot guns but their predator drones are pretty fucking mean and they have millions of gun shooting slaves to do their dirty work for them. They aren't going to let a centralized sedentary alternative to their system develop. This is why there are no truly free countries out there. The very act of engaging in sedentary, civilized life, devolves us and empowers psychopaths. He just wanted to try a different version of the same old thing, trying to out engineer Nature, which is futile.

As far as freedom goes, when someone figures how to play the AI and make it decide that your kind isn't allowed to breed, will you feel free? The tech we rely upon devolves us and any man made rule system will be corrupted by psychopaths that don't care about the potential consequences of violating man's rules. A lifestyle designed in conjunction with Nature's rules will result in evolution because the consequences for breaking Nature's rules are unavoidable. If you slam your dick in a door, it's gonna hurt. If you rape your environment or breed irresponsibly, you're gonna starve.

He actually distracted someone very dear to me to the point that she died. She had faith that technology could solve our problems and instead of coming to camp with me and learn how to live as a part of Nature, she decided to stay in the city and keep stripping in an attempt to fund land for her own techno-utopia, ALL based upon her worship of that kook. Eventually, her lack of progress saddened her to the point of getting into drugs to distract herself from her futile life decisions. She OD'd due to heroin laced with versed in March.

I hope she's smacking that egotistical son of a bitch in the face in the afterlife right now.