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They were never much of a concern, since printing one and not killing yourself with it requires very expensive precision equipment that's not really accessible to someone without tens of thousands of dollars to burn. Those that do have the money would just buy regular guns anyway. It's an issue now because....reasons.

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There are designs out there now that use glock parts (barrel, etc) and do not require any real degree of precision to get running safely.

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Yup (((OP))) is talking out of their ass. while a 3d printed lower will fail after a few uses and stop firing. all the parts that are exposed to stresses are bought off the shelf (upper receiver,etc)

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Probably easier to just machine your own lowers as opposed to printing them.

I could see a good deal of accessories created through 3d printing though.

Then there is always the rocket bullet gun designs to consider which would not have the same explosion resistance requirements as a traditional gun.

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What you really do is machine the lower with your 3d printed Jigs

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Yeah better shut the fuck up and not respond. I knew you ain't got shit to say. Probably have never used a 3D printer. LOL loser!

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This is not true AT ALL. You can go to a hardware store to get nylon weed whacker, throw it in an oven to dry it out and use it to 3d print a strong barrel.

You can use a $120 anet a8 to print these. GTFO you guys are not 3d printer hobbyist and you don't know what you're talking about.

My $220 DIY 3D printer out performs a $1000 flash forge creator pro.

These files have been wodely available, not just working magazine fed guns, but fun upgrades.

I sell bump stocks

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Its cheaper to just go to the hardware store.


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They have been available since 2013 from defcad before the department of defense shut it down, but all those files were uploaded to torrent sites. Others had plans on other 3d printing sites, but the mods basically deleted anything firearm related.

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I'm kind of surprised /k doesn't keep a running thread.

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Just machine your own full auto 9mm thats what i am doing. Find you a book called Expedient Homemade Firearms, The 9mm submachine gun. It very easy to fallow.

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...in Minecraft.

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you mean, in a crime novel that you are writing, obviously.

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Right the novel i am writing. My bad thanks for reminding me.

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Just a reminder /v/DIYguns is a thing.

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Yes, because you can't actually control information now. They were available in the same places piracy existed, like torrent sites. The fight was just over us based stuff and legality, which torrents don't care about.

Most are slightly dangerous, being entirely plastic. But at least one used a glock barrel and seemed to work well. I want to use one to make investment castings and see how that goes.

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Yes, because you can't actually control information now


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Nice blackpill, but all control is reduced to the illusion that it is the very second you find a way around it.

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Yes as a cad user, I know they've been out there I have seen them myself, since at least 2012. It was around the time, videos of lowers first were being printed, and shot, on youtube.

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its cheaper to just buy a gun than to buy a 3d printer

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Cheaper to build your own gun than buy. I've made many....fuck that paperwork...gov't has zero business knowing what guns I possess.

Ask your local and state cops for all the invoices of all guns they have bought in past 10 years. You'll understand why at that time. Until you do not, you likely have zero clue why you should never buy a gun again. Always build, never buy.

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ya true, get an 80% for a spooky "ghost gun". im in a cash and carry state so paperwork is not that big of a deal here

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Not really anymore. You can get yourself a serviceable Delta printer for about $140 these days.

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im just saying literally no point in "3D" printing a gun lol. modern firearms are already made with plastic. i think you can get a gun for $120 that is better than any printed one you could make at home also.