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Dogs bite niggers by instinct. They can sense danger and need to protect the hand that feeds them. It doesn't take too much intellectual strain for the dog to figure out that the nigger is a threat and that he must be bitten.

The real trouble comes when trying to get the taste of nigger out of his mouth after biting him, the dog licking his own ass will only go so far.

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Dogs bite those who show fear based on pheromones that are released when a human is afraid. Couple that with the body language that is innate within humans when they are fearful, and the dog will be ready to protect itself. If you're afraid of dogs, they will see it and by proxy be on their guard.

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Something changed at some point, I went from being happy to see all dogs to wary of all dogs. Still happy to see most of them, but the switch happened around the time I had to defend myself a lot and got over my 'fear' of seriously using weapons against people and animals. I just didn't want to kill anything, seems sort of reasonable. Anyways, my point is after I became able to prioritize my own safety over anything elses and started seeing things as threats that may have to be killed if they prove violent, dogs started picking up on this and big bully dogs especially get their hackles up at me and seem to be ready to fight when I come around. It's a bit of a feedback loop, The dog sees me and might be a little unsure, I see the dog is agitated and I might change my stance a little or give it a little space, dog gets more agitated, then I have a knife in my hand just in case. Even my buddies dogs who know me take a while to calm down, and he's got some big ass dogo argentino or whatever the fk they're called.

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You also have to figure out what the nigger was likely doing to get bit in the first place. Bet ya it wasn't 'nuffin.

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That too.

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This black man points out all the racist things in life, reminds me of that joke about the guy that tells his doctor everything he touches hurts and the doctor can't convince him his finger is broken.

Wasn't there just a "data is beautiful" that showed the vocabulary of hiphop is something like 4x more vague than any other music genre? So you tell me that a white guy listening to music 2 hours a day, that averages 4x the number of words before reusing them has the same quality brain as someone that listens to hip-hop 10 hours a day?

They choose to feel and not think, but they LOVE to share their feelings. Don't mistake feelings for thoughts. Coco the monkey could sign, Alex the parrot could talk, humans could interact with them and understand them, but doesn't mean they understood humans

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100% true. My dog was naturally "racist" but he also tries to bite asshole white people. Really he can just smell evil or fear and attacks.

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The dog licking his own ass won't even be close.

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It's pretty clear that we can't live together peacefully with all this implicit racism. We should stop trying to enforce diversity and just give up and go back to segregation.

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We can barely live together normally. Now add in a media that stirs up racial hatred/race baiting.

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So, all it takes is the media stirring it up and our civilization tears itself apart? Sounds pretty unstable. It was a mistake to base our country on this. The 1965 immigration act was a mistake.

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Pluralism doesn't work.

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I would go a step further and send all the niggers back to Africa in Liberia.

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Liberia was a gift, niggers that must be shipped can get boats to SA, and we pick up boers on the return trip

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Imagine in a dark alley, a "Lighty" walking towards you; Now imagine, a "Darky" walking towards you; Do you feel the same? Is it racist?

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Depends. Does whitey look like a heroin addict who's jonesing for his next fix? In which case I'd run and hide behind the darkie cuz he's probably his dealer.

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This. Man I see nerdy ass niggers all the time and they look uncomfortable in their own skin, and they are not a threat. Then I see these gangster whites and indians and spics etc etc. It's pretty clear. I've been attacked by all groups. That being said I still have a lot more trust for white people.

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Not in the slightest - it's survival instinct, and that instinct is largely informed by experience and evidence. It really depends on demeanor.

I've never been mugged by a nigger, but I've seen niggers chimp out for no reason and damn near kill people plenty of times. Besides, it isn't racist to trust your own kind over others - it's hard-wired. And before you start crying, niggers are distrustful of all other races in a scenario like that - EVEN THEIR OWN. Which goes to tell you a lot about niggers.

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I get a kick every time some nigger is like, "yo dawg ain't be liking black folks." Then I tell them how her original owners were black, used to beat her and left her for dead when they moved. I tell them the fact that she isn't ripping them a new asshole means she's a good girl.

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DOGS INSTINCTIVELY HATE BLACKS. Most people cant train a dog to do anything specific at all, let alone pick races of people. You cant train that.
It's pretty dumb for this guy to bring that up becuase no thinking person is going to say racism is a product of canine social construction. Its patently absurd.

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Imagine being a nigger. Dogs, probably the most loyal beasts on earth, naturally dislike you. Why? The hell do I know, but I am a dog owner and I have noticed it treating niggers differently.

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I didnt train my dog to be racist, it was by default from factory.

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The Root? Say no more. Delusion is in high gear.

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The Root exists so niggers can call themselves published writers.

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That is the stupidest non-sequitur argument I've ever heard. If I was in Nigger reading this I'd be more offended by the darkies comment than what does Nigger thinks is offensive.

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