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They rip off men to pay for women here in the US too, there just isn't a loophole to exploit to get around it

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Male drivers under 24 cost much more for insurance companies to cover...should they not be charged more?

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Lets go a step deeper. If insurance can discriminate based on sex, why can't they do so with race?

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women typically require far more medical care than men. yet the costs are equally high for everyone...

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It's always been BS that males have to pay more. It's sexist and discriminatory. It should be based on a person's driving record not your sex and others' driving records of the same sex.

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then it moved back to the states is what I heard

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Pretty sure this works in the UK as well

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And the US.

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Hey at least were trying to fix it

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I live in Canada and I can confirm that the majority are a bunch of faggots.

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Funny, I was born in Canada and the majority of people around here will fight you for fun. You must live in a Metro, thats where the faggots congregate.

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@Weasel_Soup must be a Toronto or Calgary fag. Me I live close to where they film Letterkenny and find it refreshing they're finally putting what most Canadian are like on TV.

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I’m offended that you cannot create your own gender on your birth certificate. Like I want to identify as a purple alligator but they won’t like legally let me. We need more rights for trans in Canada like totally!

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I wouldn’t put it past some insurance company to deny coverage based on insurance fraud. They could use some scientific method and use the government to prosecute.

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Geico has the right idea. They have a new commercial every week. Rather than Allstate pounding the same one for 5 years.

I liked that one body building one. "Abe bro ham Lincoln" lol

And the belt buckle one haha

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I work in a bar.I got 8 TV's in my cocktail area, and the dining room has 10 more. I'm gonna see commercials.