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This is why women and betas always feel like they are taken advantage of at repair shops. It's not that hard to know a little about something we rely on for every day work.

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Women need to depend on and trust in the men in their lives.

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Agreed, and when your daughter leaves for college if she knows how to work on cars she will less likely get stranded or taken advantage of.

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Did my brakes recently, needed an alignment. Took it to a shop who said the reason it was pulling is that i had a leaking brake line and my pads were wearing unevenly...100 miles after the brake job. They basically called me stupid and said i didn't know what i was doing, told them align the fucking wheels and show me the leak, it was where i got some anti seize on the line ..fucking crooks.

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Ha. Brake lines that leak usually have catastrophic failures.

I always try to attribute to incompetence over malice. People are just kinda stupid and lazy now days.

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Mhm. I dunno much about cars. The bare minimum. I've helped replace the break pads in my cars, can check oil, and change a tire but that's about it. I always ask male friends for advice about car work since they are usually more interested and knowledgable in automotive topics.

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I thought about starting an official man card program to incentivize guys to do these things. I grew up around them but didn't really know them well until I rebuilt my truck. I literally took the entire thing apart and put it back together minus the trans and a few hard parts. I had a LOT of help from people but now I feel confident I can fix anything or at least know how to get anything fixed. It's a great feeling of empowerment.

Keep on studying. It takes a lot of time to learn this stuff but anyone can do it. It's totally worth it.

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I never understood people who can spend 5k+ on anything and not know how it works or how to fix it. At bare minimum buy a Haynes manual.

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If it's a common car, check your library. Mine has an entire shelf of the fuckin' things.

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Good option for those being frugal but I like to have one that I can access at any time.

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I prefer to think if it as being powered by exploding dinosaurs, I only use the bits from the t-rex. then again I'm odd so old dead dinos=oil=gas, combustion engine is igniting gas into controlled explosions to drive the rest of the engine; thus my care runs on exploding dinos!

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Please forgive me for using imgur, but here are my 2 trucks. NEVER for sale. At different times of ownership, they each blew their head gaskets, as they are known for this. So, instead of bending over my fenders for hours, I pulled engine, transmission and transfer case and rebuilt all 3, at 1 time. I'm quiet happy with them!!!

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You have great taste in pickups. Have an upvoat!

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Thanks! Which pickup do you prefer, the Nissan or the Toyota?

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I prefer the 1 with the most gas in her!!!

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Agreed, provided you own one. Everybody should know how to cook some simple meals as well. Sewing is also handy to know, especially if you intend to spend some time away from civilization.

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Yea, learn how to sew flags of our new nation

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Light weight stuff right there, this weekends project is rebuilding the top end of a Hemi 6.4L SRT motor. Had one of the MDS lifters let go. Hellcat spec parts going in for the fix.

I have found almost everytime I can buy the specialized parts and tools for new complex motors and trans rebuilts cheap that taking to any shop or buying one already rebuilt. Plus you get to learn even more about modern cars.

Mobile 1 is my go to oil. Rockauto.com is your best friend(5% code is easy to find online, usually offsets the freight. Tasca parts, for domestic and some foriegn cars is a great parts house for OEM parts you may not be able to find of Rockauto. Wix filters only, I usually buy at least 6 sets of oil and air filters at a time for each of my cars/trucks.

Keys to proper fixes and repairs is investing in the proper tools. Do not be afraid to buy $200+ each torque wrenches, air guns, every version of a socket or what ever the job takes. Trying to make the incorrect tool work will often do more damage.

Dry break oil drain systems are amazing and well worth the money, much cleaner too.

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opening up a transmission is kinda scary. Bravo for being brave, but that's a great way to destroy your vehicle. Those things aren't very forgiving.

I wish i had space for a shop. I live in LA and barely have room for my vehicles. I have to partner up with guys on places so I can store my meager tools.

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that's a great way to destroy your vehicle.

One grain of sand in the valve body can eventually destroy the whole thing. A valve that doesn't move under a couple ounces of pressure can cause incorrect shifting, causing slippage during shifting and the excess clutch material sitting in the pan gums up everything else.

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Gotta replace the clutch on mine soon. Already have the part, just need to pick up a couple of engine hoist hooks from the junkyard so I can chain it properly to the hoist. Honestly don't want to do it just in case I fuck it up.

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Yeah, the cost of the tools is often less than having someone else do it.

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and that's how men end up with tons of tools.

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Having a shop replace my clutch: $1,200.

Buying a clutch on Amazon: $200.

Buying an engine hoist: $150.

Buying associated hardware/tools: ~$150.

Total cost of doing it myself (assuming I don't fuck it up): ~$500, plus I get new toys for my garage.

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I think this advice applies in general to everything: if you don't understand it, find someone you trust that does.

Don't understand cars? Bring a buddy that knows what they're doing. Don't understand computers? Find someone that does. etc, etc.

I enjoyed working on my '99 motorcycle (carbied), did a valve shim adjustment on it, and many other things, so I'd consider myself mechanically minded and comfortable around cars. But modern cars are a whole different thing entirely, and they're not exactly made to be user friendly (on purpose), especially when you get into more expensive cars like new BMWs etc.

Best car advice I can think of is simply: if you can't afford to buy it outright, you can't afford it: never finance a depreciating asset like a car. And if your car is too boring, stiffen up the rear sway bar to fix the problem.

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You forgot that bribing with food works, that transfers to computers as well. I find it is impressive how much labor you can get done around your house for home cooked food, break out the stakes after all if you spend $30 feeding them and they work for an hour plus travel you are getting off cheap for most call outs. Heck ask ahead what type of beer they like and send them home with a case if they are going to be there for a few hours, I used to do this with a buddy that was an electrician. sent him home with a case of beer for installing an outlet on the outside of my house hooked to a light switch took him as long to get his tools out and put away as to do the work because he had the right tools, would have taken me much longer to improvise some of the tools he used and work out how to do things he knew from experience.

I have had bankers, grounds keepers, electricians, all working for alcohol at my house before some of them in their fields others not. looking forward to the next larger project as I have a friend that just moved back that is a reactor operator at a nuclear plant I want to add to the list, 99% it will not be in his field but still who doesn't want to list have a reactor operator working for alcohol a someone that helped with repairs. Seems like a good line item if you sell it "3 beedroom, 2 bath, maintenance done by trained nuclear reactor operator working for beer, full basement, wood floors, bathroom light switch glows in the dark so it is easy to find." who could turn down that pitch or resist thinking about what the reactor operator did and if the glowing light switch was intended or a side effect, but it is good to have something to think about while pooping at night.

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Mobil 1 is not what it used to be since they reformulated it several years ago. I appreciate OP trying to get Goats working on cars, but make sure you understand vehicles and current products.

it has been reformulated to use gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology, similar to Pennzoil Ultra, and is now called Mobil 1 FS 0W40. Several brand approvals have been dropped, and there are decreases in the 40ºC and 100ºC viscosity. It’s basically almost a heavy 0W30 oil. I used to use it exclusively for hydraulic applications but had to switch due to the decrease in thermal and hydrolytic stability.

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Nice facts shill. I'll stick to my organic soy based Mobil 1 alternative. I got it from Jerry down at the farmers market, he has really good energy, and he guaranteed he'd spin his prayer wheel for my car at least once a day.

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Hey- I use to love that stuff. I didn't know about the reformulation until eXmark sent me a tech bulletin telling me not to use it anymore.

I'm sorry if this triggers you, but instead of that eloquent farmer's market piece, you could have looked for yourself. All motor oil has changed. Fed law requires lower levels of zinc and phosphorous for years now. You really didn't notice?

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