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Yeah... And there's a problem with that egypt story....

Not wanting to add "insult to injury" here (while I certainly don't give a fuck about the real or supposed injury let alone insulting jews), but it's true, there's something odd

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Sure, if you are willing to ignore the fact that an old man split the red sea in two with a magic staff. By the way, why did they have to cross the red sea? The map clearly shows they could have gone overland through Sinai.

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Idk, mysterious jews are mysterious

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Ok. First of all. You've got a few things backward. The translation of "red see" is actually wrong... it was actually the "reed sea". Secondly... The jews stole most of their creation, flood, etc stories from the Akkadians and the Canaanite bastardizations of their culture. The lineage from Adam down to David is essentially historical fiction. The Davidic monarchy tasked somebody with uniting a large volume of Canaanite, mostly polyheistic literature into a monotheistic one that ended in him as king of it all. They borrowed the stories of individual town elders from around northern and southern Israel and combined them into an amalgamated Canaanite pantheon (yahweh cult had been eating Canaanite cults for a while now). The result was a religion that tried to be mostly monotheistic, but still acknowledged the existence of lesser entities.

It's all garbage until Jesus fixes it. (The same way he fixed all the sacrifice religions, Vedic, Semitic, etc)

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The sojourn in the desert has nothing to do with modern-day kikes who descend from another people. Also, the Bible makes it clear that the Israelites had to stay in the desert for so long as punishment for disobedience. I know you're joking, of course, but just pointing out.