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I don't judge people by their race

sure but why can't our immigration laws? from it's founding to 1965 gaining citizenship in america required you to be a "free white man of good character" as per the naturalization act of 1790 because America was originally a white country founded by white people. The only exception made prior to 65 was for the freed black slaves which I agree with on it's premise, however taking them as an example it seems like integration and assimilation don't work. In fact, if you compare african american culture in the 50s-70s (blues, Jazz, a three piece suit, and the baptist church, etc.) to now (rape, gangsters, inner cities, etc.) it seems like they're getting further from the broader american culture if anything. You could make similar comparisons with the Turkish quarter in germany which has been there for 50 years, a recent study seems to suggest the generations born there are getting less integrated if anything. Multiculturalism/diversity generally doesn't seem to work for all parties involved because people are different, not necessarily better/worse but different and maybe exceptionally people can bridge these kinds of social/cultural/racial divides but by all accounts it seems like the rule is they can't and we'd all be better off apart.



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I've always been curious about the results of the social engineering jews imposed on American blacks.

How would they have turned out if it weren't for the thug culture & gibs mentality that was pushed onto them. Would it eventually have turned out the same but at a slower pace or would we have much more uncle toms than niggers by now ?


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this is also true, modern "black culture" is just something the music industry forced on them to make money and then other businesses promoted it to sell "bling", and cars, etc. to them leading to the situation today. Also f you look at statistics and available information on free blacks prior to the end of slavery they were effectively dark skinned white people because earning your freedom was difficult and selected for intelligence and hard work


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See: Black wall street, and how (((they))) stopped them.


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Take a look at Africa. Violence and war throughout.