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Garry Kasparov, real name Garik Weinstein, is not someone you should look to for political advice. I recall an interview of Bobby Fischer discussing Kasparov in which Fischer says that Kasparov is a chess genius, as opposed to some like Fischer who was a genius who happened to play chess. Outside of chess he is not very bright, with an IQ of only 135.

There is an issue common to Jews where they have a hostility toward their host nation. In the west this usually involves pushing for migration, affirmative action, socialism, &c.. Kasparov, being from the USSR and now Russia, is intensely hostile toward those instead, and is a proponent of western globalism solely because it is anti-Russia. He spends his time these days traveling around western countries attacking both Russia and the USSR to any who will listen.

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I understand and agree. But are you saying he's wrong about this particular issue?

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The 3rd way is the only way.

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Of course he's wrong here. He's right about socialism being shit, obviously centralizing everything into a giant bureaucracy is a disastrously bad idea, but he's using his criticism of socialism to mask his wrong-headed praise of capitalism.

Capitalism is probably even worse than socialism. It does produce a great deal of material wealth, but all of it is junk, just compare the modern architecture, art, literature, and music to what was produced in the past. Sure there are millions of people producing music now but all of it is shit, I'd take one Beethoven over all the living music producers. He mentions socialism degrading the human spirit, but the degeneracy produced by capitalism is even worse.

Worst of all is what capitalism does to our human resources. It forces people to go for ever increasing credentials, wasting years in school, and then wasting more years working the corporate rat race, all of which functions to suppress reproduction rates. And the intelligent are affected the worst. Capitalism turns our cities into giant IQ shredders, sucking in all the high IQ genes and destroying them. It is a system that burns through human capital in order to produce cheap baubles.

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Bobby Fischer is a jew aswell though.

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He denied it. Claimed he wasn't circumcised. Though if his mother was a jewess like the sources universally claim, he was jew by jew law, half jewish biologically, and maybe zero percent culturally if we take his word for it. He really despised them.

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You have to be an idiot to play chess. For instance, B. Fischer was highly anti-semetic. @Crensch

Wow, I got a downvote. Was pindering "/s", but what part of "You have to be an idiot to play chess." Doesn't scream sarcasm?

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Socialism is like playing chess with all pawns. Instead of some being allowed to succeed, they are limited to one slow forward motion and their eventual removal from the board.

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Nice analogy.

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Every frownie face gets a free helicopter ride...

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I generally like Garry. I used to do work for him in the late 90s. He is pretty much spot on in his oversll views of how society should be regulated. However, he is human. He is very overwrought in his thoughts on Trump. I think he may have a form of PTSD from his time as a Soviet citizen.

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I love the Russian people. They truly get it. Was hanging with a Russian chick tonight. She understands mostly. She grew up in the Soviet Union.

An older friend (very old) was trying to tell me about how John McCain was a war hero. I thought he was going to punch me on how much I went against that notion.

It is sad when I can trust Russian women over old Americans.

E: Side note, Russian woman married my friend that is an arms dealer. That might have something to do with her opinion as well. Sigh.

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He's not Russian.

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I've been a chess fan for >20 years, on politics I would not trust garry kasparov at all, anything compelling he says is probably toward the goal of being part of a controlled opposition. Since his chess retirement, he's been very tight with globalists / EU elites and the like, he's been getting their "awards" and such, and his coming out of retirement seems like a staged event to put him back in the spotlight as a political figure. For the most part, chess is a very non-political activity, people play & watch online with people all over the world, and everyone takes a break from political discussion. Kasparov coming back (a huge thing in chess terms, as he is a legend on the board), but injecting so much politics, is just bad for chess.

Here is the logo for the new chess world championship. Super strange. Sniff my pawn why we scissor under the pretense of playing a board game? "They" are coming for chess, imo. https://www.brandchannel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/world-chess-2018-championship-logo-poster.jpg

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The new chess world championship logo looks like a white woman and a black man being very close to each other...

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