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The Russian Imperial Census of 1897 counted 5,215,805 Jews living in Russian territories. 94% of them lived in the western territories known as the Pale.

The next planned census, for 1915, was abandoned because of the war. But it's reasonably estimated that by 1915 there were around 6 million Jews in Russia.

The 1881 assassination of Alexander II was blamed on Jews and started the first wide scale set of pogroms, restrictive laws, and expulsions.

The first article shown is correct both that the six million jews in Russia were still suffering serious problems in Russia, and that that represented about half the world population of Jews at the time. The newspaper article says that thousands were killed, not millions.

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Thanks for the response. Good points.

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Doesn't say wat OP title says.

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Dying, died, persecuted, humiliated, tortured, starved.

It's always 6 million. Why should we take anything they say as truth that 6 million died in the holocaust if they control the news and lie with propaganda.

You don't get that?

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Dying, died, persecuted, humiliated, tortured, starved.

Those aren't even remotely similar. You're reaching quite hard here.

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OK, 15 guys, auto accident.

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wish it were true.

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at the 3:22 mark (screenshot) look at the very top of the newspaper. the banks had been backing bonds 9 to1 most likely in preperation for the war effort.

the propaganda machine has been in full force for a long time.

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six million jews are supposed to die in a holocaust before a jewish country is to be established this is apparently straight from God.

so the kikes have been trying to arrange it for almost forever.