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Posturing yourself amongst your peers to establish a sort of pecking order. It's almost like a game to them: become as popular as possible. You and I may never understand it because it takes a minimum threshold of vanity, ego and narcissism to be able to get so hooked.

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It's a bunch of self-agrandizing, pontificating, virtue signaling shit posts.

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I like to go on Facebook and keep in touch w friends in far away places. Oh yeah and then I talk about niggers and Jews. That part is pretty fun.

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Provoking soy boy strong emotions for your own enjoyment of course .

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Its where my sister puts pictures of my nephew. Since she lives 2,000 miles away I don't get to see them very often.

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Before I got rid of Facebook, I noticed most of the posts that weren't your high school classmate's wedding/baby pics, sociopolitical rants and ads were more than likely about what they're watching on TV for the most part. NFL games, The Bachelor, Game of Thrones, the next big Netflix series, at this point, I'll take a post about your boring work day, or at least something that has some sort of personality to it, over the same shit everybody regurgitates on social media to try to get likes and nothing else.

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I think the only people who really need social networks are those who lack real social life because of serious physical or mental problems that make them invalids. Anyway the majority of social networks users are students with too much time on their hands who think it's the same as using a messenger app on their smartphone, unaware that there are many batshit crazy stalkers reading their personal shit.

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some old people just want to reconnect to old friends and dont know any better

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There is a site made for this purpose for finding ex friends from school or university.

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The only people I know that still use them do so to keep in touch with relatives/old friends. Even then, they bitch about censorship and spying. I've explained how you can just use a phone or God forbid, the mail, but people are lazy. Back when FB started I was in college. It was an easy way to lightly-stalk the girls you wanted to meet. See what bands she liked, if she was single, shit like that. I quit FB when they stopped requireing an edu email address.

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It was a tough choice for Zuckerberg. edu mail address for security, or no security and becoming a billionaire?

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