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I've done similar analysis. It's actually pretty easy. Just take all the government numbers and then reverse engineer their bias. Everything from the Census to the IRS releases all this stuff every year and they outright admit how they manipulate the numbers in the very papers they publish, so all you have to do is remove their "modeling attenuation" which have historically evident corrections over time.

I'll give you a hint to get started - don't even bother with anything less than 18 months old. The prime way any official Government reporting body lies is actually (comically) somewhat unintentional. In short, they are forced to release numbers under criteria which often makes them validity little more than educated guesses; over the duration of the following 4-6 quarters, the actual data necessary to complete the initial puzzle is slowly compiled, which magnifies the accuracy.

Some of the best examples are GDP. Look at the past 10+ years of GDP and compare the numbers they are today to the numbers they were at date of release to see how they're almost always less than half of the official narrative, but once the real data that allows this fidelity to be attained is finally available, the data itself is old news that nobody gives much of a shit about to point out how it was wrong, because they're all too busy being misled by the new ones which haven't been corrected yet.

We basically live a lie of omission where everything that governs us is inflated for political expedience and almost always for financial gain.


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Thank you for such a great response.

Agreed on how easy it is to get the data and see for yourself. It's a fun time. I'm getting into tariff data because I have never independently familiarized myself in that space.

I wasn't aware of the ~<18 month data integrity issue but it makes sense. I plan to do as you mentioned and check out some examples for myself. I will for sure keep this in mind going forward and let the people know.

Thanks again.


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Please hook us up with well sourced and documented info on this stuff! Make a whole subverse and then just cross-post over to /v/whatever or news or politics or something. Use multiple image hosts or find another way to host info so it won't get disappeared.

And thanks for making a difference!


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You've inspired me to really package this stuff in a sharable way. Working on it today. Thank you for the motivation!