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Because corporate does not provide raises to match simple things such as inflation. This is why people job hop yearly so they can improve their salary. It's not a lucrative job market, it's old cunt business owners who pocket as much as possible and filter In and out workers because they don't give a fuck about their employees. It's a cheaper solution to pay shit and replace workers. That in from a personal perspective majority of my peers my age and even older are lazy fucks and expect to have their ass cleaned for working at a company. Everyone's a lazy fuck or a greedy faggot.

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It's not just that. Have you watched much Jordan Peterson? This generation has fully bought into all of the lies about not needing a family to feel fulfilled.

They think they're going to get some "dream job" and it's going to be amazing. Then they hit 20s / 30s and realize - this sucks. I am still empty. My employer doesn't care about me. Never will. I don't care about them. My work is meaningless. Why bother? So they quit. And travel. I've met many of them traveling.

They're lost. Desperately searching for a purpose. Historically that purpose has always been your family. But they have no kids. They were told not to because (white guilt/liberation/feminism/insert brainwashing here). So now they wander the world looking for some magical answer.

Companies have always been run by douchebags, that's not new.

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And travel. I've met many of them traveling. They're lost. Desperately searching for a purpose.

I've also chatted with them and asked about retirement. Surprising majority have abandoned 401K and will opt for 9mm as solution.

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“Jordan Peterson”

Don’t you mean juden peterstein? Lol he is a fraud you idiots fall for anything.

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Business owners don't owe you anything. They are there to satisfy their own interests, not yours. You are there because it is the best you can find or you would move to something else. You would have a worse job if it weren't for the "greedy" business owner. No one is holding a gun to your head to work there.

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“Business owners don't owe you anything”

Sure they do, fuckstick. We have an agreement: my time and expertise in exchange for cash. They need to honor that agreement in a timely fashion without excessively destroying my pride and self worth. If they can't meet their end of the deal, I will destroy their business model from within.

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“Business owners don't owe you anything”

Then they will get nothing and their business won’t prosper and their stress level with go up and they will waste more money on bad employees. When all you care about is money then all you get is shitty workers.

I know logic doesn’t work on people like you but there it is.

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They can do that or just hire indentured illegal invaders down south the border.

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Since consumerism sickness isn't sticking with the younger generations like it did with the boomers, there's been this new trend of focusing on "experiences." Instead of doing what people have been doing for the entire history of human existence (starting a family in early adulthood), the new trend is to stay single, waste your 20s,30s, 40s, 50s until you're sterile and be a whore "traveling." Having "experiences." Be a globalist. You don't need a home country anymore. The world is your home. You can go wherever you want. Selfish. Hedonistic. Stupid.

So the boomers are still obsessed with consuming, although they started families. The newer generations are all about "experiences." Except the family experience. Meanwhile in Africa and Asia muhammadans are creating giant families to spread their satanic religion across the world and conquer the dwindling in white population former Christian countries.

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Dunno why you got downvoted. I've met a lot of travelers, and you speak the truth.

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Gee, I wonder why these unmarried, childless millennial women are struggling to find fulfillment in their careers.

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https://archive.fo/JK5v1 :

Burned-out millennials are quitting lucrative jobs

'Over the past 10 months, she’s scaled volcanoes in Guatemala, soaked up the waterfalls of Bali, Indonesia, and basked on glorious beaches halfway around the world. '

'According to a 2018 Millennial Survey by Deloitte, 43 percent of millennials expect to leave their job within two years. '

'He and Solomon have been in Hawaii for three months and plan to stay through the end of the summer. '

'The world is changing.”The traditional concept of employment is the latest thing that the ever-contrarian millennial generation is reinventing. '

'They’re quitting their jobs, without worrying about what they’ll do next. '

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Thank you for reading my mind and posting my comment for me.

Jew quits job to retire with Jew money. Great article 10/10 would bake in oven.

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When you owe $160,000 in student loans and your liberal arts degree having you working in Starbucks, yeah I would try the welfare things too. It seems to work for our city cousins.

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Fuck them and this ad talking about people who make six figure incomes representing millennials. This is nothing but rich people getting bored and taking rich people vacations. Fuck the post and these rich snobs.

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