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First off, WTF is the "Northwest Front"?

Sounds like something the FBI has on a list and is watching/monitoring any hits to their website for 6-degrees affiliates. Could you maybe sum it up here what they're about?

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To be completely honest I haven't followed Covington that closely for quite a few Years. An while I did not agree with all of his political points, nor did I care for the National Socialist affiliation he allegedly maintained, he was one of the first individuals who considered setting up an All Caucasian community of Patriots in the Pacific Northwest, notably in Idaho or Montana in the late 70's. In this regard he was ahead of his time. As for being on a SPLC list or similar, it would not surprise me. Guy was thru alot. He served in South Africa and Rhodesia in the fight against Socialism in that part of the world, before he came to the US. May HRC RIP.

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Correction: HAC passed away on July 17th.

Info here: Andy Donner & others eulogize the late Harold Covington in a special episode of Radio Free Northwest. http://northwestfront.org/2018/07/radio-free-northwest-july-26th-2018/

Podcast link here: http://www.northwestfront.org/rfn/rfn072618.mp3