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Poll doesn't make sense. White people ARE America.

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One thing white people have never experienced is a poll on whether their presence in their own country is intrinsically detrimental.

This is your brain on SJWism.

"Just build everybody else advanced societies, give them your wealth and modern tech then fuck off, whitey! We got it from here."

A generation later...

"Whitey, plz hlp! Somebody turned this nice modern society into a 3rd world shithole!"

A generation later...

"Whitey, GTFO again. You so detrimental n' shiiiet!!"

A generation later...

"Whitey...weez down to eatin' field mice an' mud an' odda niggaz. Plz feed uz! Whitey? U dere?"

A generation later...

Blessed silence.

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How did things work before all of this global bullshit? If there was a food shortage somewhere, people either figured it the fuck out or starved. There was no (((international community))) rejewstributing hard earned money to dindus.

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Do blacks have a positive or negative impact on America? Suggestion for your next racial poll question.

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Illegal Central and South Americans as well, please?

It's kind of a surprising result. I might have to look into more recent data but if it's held consistent, Twitter consists primarily of black people, celebrities, and bots.

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I'd like to see a poll about violent low-IQ unskilled muslim savages

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Why just illegals? "legal" invaders are no better.

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[ ] positive

[x] negative

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Niggers. What was the question?

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Let me guess, he's a (((fellow white people)))?

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That must tear his asshole something fierce.

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He shits pancakes.

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That's disgusting

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that was some good reading.

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Lol DrVox blocked me. I have used my Twitter account maybe twice and neither was in that thread.

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I don't know about you but I'm feeling pretty white right now.

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Sounds like jew talk to me, let me see your papers.

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I confess, I had a bagel this morning.

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Let's see them post the inverse poll. "Do colored people have a positive or negative effect on America?"

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Top keks. Almost makes me wish I had an account there.

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You misspelled nigger.

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