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The vast majority of users have never abused the site or violated it's terms and conditions, which I truly appreciate. We have an incredible community, and the very small number of pedos hiding behind proxies aren't going to hurt us. I even redesigned the site a few months ago to make illegal stuff easier to find and remove. These guys are just wasting their time. Pathetic.

[–] MadWorld 1 points 47 points (+48|-1) ago 

Good to know that you have ways of finding the CP uploads. Very very thankful for everything you have done...

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Really appreciate you keeping imgoat clean and running. I know you're very aware but for those who aren't, image hosting sites are a frustrating topic for us...

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Society, the Patriarchy and White Supremacy forced them to wack to CP. They are victims! It is all your fault, so you must be punished.

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Disco sucks and all, but god damn, you're awesome!

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Disco is glorious white culture. Watch your tongue neeg