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The vast majority of users have never abused the site or violated it's terms and conditions, which I truly appreciate. We have an incredible community, and the very small number of pedos hiding behind proxies aren't going to hurt us. I even redesigned the site a few months ago to make illegal stuff easier to find and remove. These guys are just wasting their time. Pathetic.

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Good to know that you have ways of finding the CP uploads. Very very thankful for everything you have done...

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Really appreciate you keeping imgoat clean and running. I know you're very aware but for those who aren't, image hosting sites are a frustrating topic for us...

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Society, the Patriarchy and White Supremacy forced them to wack to CP. They are victims! It is all your fault, so you must be punished.

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Disco sucks and all, but god damn, you're awesome!

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Disco is glorious white culture. Watch your tongue neeg

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I find it strange that these freaks arent just living their lives. This is how you spend your time? And you think this makes the world a better place? So weird

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They think they're taking out the bad guys by doing this. Because if you remove a forum for wrongthink then obviously the users will stop thinking that way.

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Good point. I know that censorship of the right has pushed me farther right than I was before. Seriously, I'm not really all that racist, but if you are going to gag me because I something you don't like - get ready for a lot more of it.

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There's money involved in this shit. There always is. You're giving them far too much credit.

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"They think they're taking out the bad guys by doing this. Because if you remove a forum for wrongthink then obviously the users will stop thinking that way."

The "No Platform for Hate" mentality in a nutshell. In their minds, if you censor wrongthink, then it just disappears. No way it could possibly go underground, grow stronger, and become more extreme than if you had just left people the fuck alone to have their own opinions and live their own fucking lives.

They keep talking about "preventing the next Hitler", yet seem to be doing everything required to actually bring one into the spotlight.

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I love how people can think themselves performing actions for the greater good when those actions are distributing actual child pornography. Like...you're the baddy, man.

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Just shows that they don't really understand how the internet works. You take one site down, five more take its place. Congratulations, I guess.

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There is the chilling effect that the left can set law enforcement on you without any wrongdoing on your part. You provide an image hosting site for free: next thing you know some antifa pervert freak has posted some of his treasured CP collection to your site and messaged the FBI about it.

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Hail Hydra!

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People without jobs who think they're fighting a war against "facism" when they're the ones pushing for a larger, more authoritarian government.

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When you're fat as (((Jared Fogle))), your life is pretty much just gorging yourself and porn. Then one day he decided to lose weight, but he was already a porn-fried pedo that descended into looking at CP.

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that's exactly how those bastards took down the TFM forums back in the day. read the article comments... good times.

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The sad thing is, it's often the hosting provider that kowtows to the pedos and nukes the site. If hosts would stand up for their customers, this wouldn't happen.

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"Pure coincidence."

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((( J E W I N C I D E N C E)))

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Thanks for keep chugging along, brah. Do you have a backup that could be set free in case of shennaigans?

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Yes, I take snapshots just in case I ever have to move the site.

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Three internet cookies for this man!

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Someone should report the IPs of the uploaders and take out some degenerate consumers and perhaps producers of that content.

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I'd be shocked if whoever was doing it was dumb enough to not use proxies/vpns/tor ect.

should still send it in to fbi for indemnity purposes and hell maybe you'll get lucky and a few are dumb asses.

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IIRC you're suppose to send it to the national centre for missing and exploited children or somesuch. They have a form for reporting which links up to FBI/interpol etc. and is the one required to report to by law. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2258A.

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Uploading CP to bring down a site is a /b/ tier attack. The thing is, they usually publicly organize attacks, afaik. This seems like a hit job. Kek.gg owner cannot talk about why his site went down so probably law intervened.

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if that would work, they'd likely be doing the same to us, only spoofing the upload IP. not exactly fair but it happens

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The age old problem, honestly its kept me up nights, getting the producers, if you have the image you can grab the exif data. If you have the exif data you can know where it was taken, on what device etc,BUT one pic might not help that much, you would need to have ALOT then you could definitely pin the sick fukkos down through comparing patterns in locations, type of photo, time zones etc. Sounds easy right, But dont forget then youd have to look at and childporn, and thats the problem. and I cant help feeling like a total cunt and a fag or not being able to look at something that vile in even in an effort to destroy it. Maybe we could get Elon musk to put his money where his mouth is and build an A.I. CP shredder!

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Need to move to decentralized systems

[–] Nalbarcam 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

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interesting, maybe moving even a few steps further with decentralization so the domain can't be targetted.

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Decentralization is the future.

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They seem to always have some illegal shit to upload every time they try to silence us again; I know how, but how do they keep getting away with this shit? One day the streets will run red with these fuckers' blood

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You know how long people have been saying that?

[–] baphometsrage 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

They're in panic mode, we're in angry mode. It might not go all to plan but they know that we know and it can only get uglier from here

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