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There was a video on red ice posted about two red pilling methods: the pillow fight, and the panzerstrike (I think those were the names)

You went the panzerstrike method of a full force attack of red pills. This method will all in all only be effective on those who have a pursuit of truth. Whereas the pillow fight method is to slowly wear down your target with subtle red pills using pin-point strikes to make them question themselves and their views, and that your target will not likely be aware youre doing.

This person sounds like they went back and checked your claims, so obviously there is some curiosity from them, however because of the nature of your red pilling they feel attacked and it sounds like stubbornness has kicked it. Without knowing the subject matter of your discussion with them it may be tactical to lose a battle (while ultimately aiming to win the war), and what I mean by that is try to agree, or meet halfway, on something with them even if you dont. Take a step back to keep things not so heated and try to be more subtle in your red pilling to break through their defenses and make them question themselves in private.

I hope that all made sense and helps out


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I dont feel to good mr.stark


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Making an error like that is almost always a good thing, because if they want to prove you wrong, and DO prove you wrong, they're still thinking about that topic and are actually open to the information surrounding it.

I shouldn't even need to name the guy doing this constantly to the MSM.

It's why sometimes you'll find me making an error in my arguments here. Half of it is not remembering exactly, and the other half is me remembering that it's a good thing sometimes, so I let it ride.