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Remember: progressives will turn every single issue into a slippery slope to utter insanity. "Let's treat the animals we eat better" becomes "having pets should be illegal because it's the same as slavery." "Feed the poor" becomes "eat the rich." Every issue can be extrapolated like this, they will take something agreeable and extend it to the point of forcing others to participate in their ritualized mass suicide.

If "but progressives will go insane with it!" were a valid argument, it could be used with equal truth to shut down literally any thought- and therefore it's not valid.

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Leftism as a whole is a slippery slope because their entire doctrine is based on lies and falsehoods.

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I like how Murdock Murdoch put it.

You have before you two paths to create the world you seek filled with what you love. But all things have their price.

If you choose the Right we offer you the greatest military man has ever seen, you will have the power to destroy all life on Earth, but you will always fight wars for nothing! Your children will die in ditches in lands far away for no more than a few coins to a handful of rich men...

If you choose the Left, you will be filled with compassion and love, you will see the world as a family and your people will crave peace. But you will always be dominated, destine to watch your women raped and your fathers graves desecrated you will live only to serve stronger peoples.

If you choose the Right your race will live on indefinitely, they will conquer the stars and multiply endlessly, but you will be no more than bacteria for all philosophy will leave your blood, you will be like a cancer that spreads, always feeding until nothing else but the cancer lives.

If you choose the Left, you will live in harmony with nature and the waters will be clear and clean, the various species will live on and the world will become a great forest again. But your race will mix with animals and you will become animals, you will stagnate on the mountain tops as you await the death of the Sun!

But understand this, no matter what you choose, no matter what path you take, no matter what you wish to create, you will always be a slave to (((our control))) you will always be beneath our feet.


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"The problem with a slippery slope is that you can't tell how slippery it is until you are on it." - Vernaculis

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A term that needs to be understood is Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, or TERF. Not necessarily lesbians, but the anti-trans movement has been a thing for a while.

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Sorry I don't speak mental illness, what?

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Oh, it's great.

These are feminists so radicalized that they hate transsexuals because they're men stealing womanhood itself.

Quite possibly the ultimate form of patriarchy, where we just replace all women with men-dressed-as-women, then oppress them.

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are you milo yannopolis?

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God, I love this shit; the left are so insane they'll go to war with each other even as they're losing to the right...I can't think of a single other instance in history when this has been true. America is truly the land of fuck-the-hell-WHAT-istan, and it's glorious.....

Still want a civil war. Still want to kill all the faggots, kikes, niggers, trannies, and whatever, and turn our wonderful country into an extreme moral, far-right land. But this shit? It's so, so very fucking funny....

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I had to tell my dad "you were right" over this.

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They're even attacking the B's now in LGBTQWTFPOS because it implies there's only 2 genders lol.

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The pedo's nose isn't big and hooky like it should be. Somebody fix it or I will

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what's your nose look like?

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Nordic European, and I wasn't circumcised.

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Sounds like they all need lower T, progressives are good at achieving that

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