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At this point, use whatever the hell you want to because the hosts are dropping like flies

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Imgur might be more stable, but all it takes is one dedicated person going on a reporting spree to create just as many dead links as you would have with a host going down.

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Every single link vs reported links?

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Well, when that happens why don't you come back here and let us know.

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Plus it works well on Mobile, which I more than these other hosts.

Most traffic to them and here is on mobile devices so they opt to deprioritize mobile browsers.

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Because imgur is up. It has been for years. After the keg.gg disaster (and the ones before) uploaders are frustrated and tired of image hosters that are here today and gone tomorrow. We need an image host that's invulnerable. How would that even work? Some enemy agent uploads a bunch of CP to your server and you're fucked for hosting CP. You do a P2P system, some asshole uploads CP and its on every system. It would need to be decentralized and encrypted, but then, if it was really secure, it would be a magnet for all the sick fucks and they would deposit their sick shit on it.

Thought of creating a honey pot for those fucks, but who could stand the psychological stress? No one. You stare into the abyss for long enough and the child molesting abyss is going to stare right back at you.

Seek out the kid fuckers and kill them where they stand. Like a friend used to say: "Kill them all, let God sort 'em out". I've run out of ideas, obviously. Venting.

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You're not the boss of me.


And don't tell me how to fucking drive either !

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I blame all the reddit refugees that shitted up voat. Wave after wave of migrants will do that to a place.

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Oy! Vey! Hooktube gone, Kek .gg is offline, veuwer, SLiMG, Vid.Me, seen.life, gvid, imgup.io YOU WILL USE IMGUR GOY !!

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Do you want posts or do you want to go back to reddit?

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The majority of voat nowadays is comprised of jews and jew sympathizers. And we all know that the jews love imgur.

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Oh yeah, the overwhelming majority of us here are either kikes or suck circumcised penis 3 times a day.
See, /u/SyriansAreTerrorists said so, and he has the data.

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