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28405 is looking at him and making a weird face. The other kids are intentionally not looking at him. They do not look happy. They’re creeped out. Mohawk dude looks about to cry.

Notice the line of kids was close to the wall, but changes direction to try to make some space between them and the faggot pedophile guy? If this is a fake pic and he’s just shopped in, why would the kids give up space and go out of their way to press closer to the crowd?

Sorry bud, this photo has tons of internal context that checks out.


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You dont have to hurt your brain overanalyzing... there are programs to check whether a photo is edited.... there should be no debate over whether any given photo is real or not. It is impossible to create foolproof fakes that can not be detected by software... idiot.... its fake.


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Screen shot your evidence.