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The ĝuy claims to be a conservative on his Twitter feed. Israeli nationalist in America shitting on Americans.

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Right-winged jews VS left-winged jews

The American gov is under a foreign occupation

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LOTRmeme "A Jew will always tell you what happened to him, but he will never tell you why" ~ voat proverb

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Reminds me of a comment I saw a while ago, said something to the effect of:

'Imagine you meet a guy at a party and you hit it off, seems like you get along well and could become fast friends. He then admits that he was thrown out of his last friend group. You may feel sorry for him since he seems like a nice dude, but he then goes further to explain that he's been kicked out by 100 other friend circles.

A reasonable person would think one of two things - either he is the biggest shit magnet in the world or he fails to recognize that he is the problem.'

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Its like the person who keeps getting rear-ended or some other motor vehicle accident. While it may never be their fault, you sure as hell don't want that person on the road.

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Typical fucking jew.

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You got a downvoat for exposing the jew! The Israeli internet defense league is all over Voat now. Have an upvoat!

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so jewish supremacy is ok but once whites want just be left alone, oh no that's evil, that's wrong. is this jew arrogant or ignorant?

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Whites have essentially been brainwashed that nothing they do or own is theirs. Everything must be shared and given away. Conversely, niggers and women have been taught the exact fucking opposite, that everyone "owes" them something for nothing. The end result, i assume is complete implosion of society, since this dynamic is not sustainable. What happens, as we see now, when white men have nothing left to give? Academically, white men have been discarded. Employment wise, again, nothing really left to give thanks to diversity mandates. Property wise, we still have remnants of the Clinton "give niggers some hosing and sheeit". So now what? I'm thinking what will happen is group infighting between all the minority groups, reaching for the victim points

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Jews don't ever identify with any nation.

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Correction. They identify with everyone, when it suits them.

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the principles of a hostile, invasive species.

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God damn I can't wait for white America to finally snap and rise up to take the country back

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It's always a (((hypocrite))) isn't it.

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