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I dont think that works. Moving an entire sovereign nation inside its own vassal state.

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Fuck that. Michigan will happily take them. Put them all in Lake Michigan. Out in the middle, preferably in November.

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Relocate them over Lake Huron.

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OR we could just nuke Jerusalem. Instant world peace. When 2 kids won't stop fighting over a toy you take the toy away.

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Like King Solomon with the two mothers? Except, swing the sword regardless.

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cant do that now. god emperor just set up an embassy there and declared it the capital of the holy world.

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I would prefer to move the Israeli state to the moon...

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I read that early Zionists had their eyes on a comfy spot in the US (that Palestine wasn't the first pick, meaning that the location was really a secondary consideration, the primary was establishing a Jewish homestate, don't have the source however.) But God forbid Americans say a word about early Christian settlers in America looking practice freedom of religion! /s

For too many, our country has moved from the 'Let Freedom Ring' as a cultural value, to 'Let Safe Spaces and weaponized inanity scream their primal scream'.

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They were given a spot in Russia already...and nearly had one in Australia. Also btw have you seen that ewechewb vidya of elder joos bowing and scraping to the former Iranian leader??

Edit: https://youtu.be/waIItLileq4



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