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Possibly someone or a selected group uploaded CP contents. There was a discussion that anytime a site becomes credible threat, it gets taken down.

Edit: https://voat.co/v/whatever/2641761

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And how are you gonna protect against CP posters?

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What stops people from adding a bunch of junk on ipfs until the network is full?

IPFS does not work like that. Each computer is responsible for what it chooses to make available to the rest of the network, and you can't force a computer to store something it doesn't want to store.

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Seems to be back up right now... https://kek.gg

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I guess the indefinite period was about 2 hours. https://kek.gg/

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Front page is still up but all of the links are dead.

This Gunn guy take down has the tribe in Hwood scared shitless, my guess is that he was given an offer that he couldn't refuse.

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I saw a post about pedo subs on here last night, would it be a stretch to believe (((they))) (again) posted illegal CP to get an image server they didn't like shut down? Didn't check the subs or hosts of the images because reasons but it seems too convenient.

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Scam? Servers seized?

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Probably no money

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If it was money, he wouldv given a notice or do a donation campaign. More probable law problems since he gave no further comments on the situation.