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Ben Shapiro has been a whiney little chicken hawk neocon for a long ass time. I can’t stand his voice or any of his hypochrisy when comes his beloved Israel. His fellow kikes have been self promoting him ever since he was 18 and started cheerleading for the Iraq war. Of course Ben Shapiro was too much of pussy to join the American military or it wasn’t Israels military so he wasn’t interested with risking his life for Goyim. I personally did join and spent time as an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) tech in Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen and Baharain. Wringing Chickenhawk Neocon necks is a privillege.

Ever wonder why this guy gets interviewed so much is because kikes own most the major media platforms and only like to promote other kikes. Every news channel kikes own remind you to go to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Other Kike controlled platforms where they can force feed you Ben Shapiro, Rebel Media, Larua Southern, and a plethera of Alt Kike speakers to subvert Republican or Conservative views.

Any nationalist or white identitarian will filtered out, shadow banned or blocked from making shekels for (((their))) conveinyance.