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No anti-Semitism intended here, but any time a prominent Jewish figure starts siding with the values I hold deeply, I become skeptical. I just assume they are trying to "pace and lead" me (see #5).

I used to like Bill Maher once upon a time. But every single time I start to appreciate someone, they slip in something about "Poor Israel" or "All religions are bad, but ESPECIALLY Islam...amirite fellow white people?" Then before you know it, slowly over years, they start throwing in leftist talking points. Now he is openly calling for the crashing of the economy just to spite Trump. Let that sink in.

Sam Harris is another example in the Atheism community, Ben Shapiro is another in the Conservative community, There is an impressive list of people like this. I really want to trust them and get behind what they have to say, but ultimately half of them pull this pace and lead shit.

This time Shapiro let his guard down and the crack he left is letting us see through the facade. I bet he knows what he did and it will be interesting to see how he tries to spin this. Damage control from leftists like this usually resorts to name calling and blaming.

The good news is - we are getting better at archiving their words and pointing out their inconsistencies for what they are. It is clearer than ever that they are tribal first and foremost; even when one of their own is a pedophile or a rapist. They just don't care. Rules are for the lowly goyim. They are the chosen ones.

I have no choice to accept this. I would just prefer that it be made public on a more regular basis. Maybe one day people will hear this message, and the good news is that it need not be interpreted or deciphered. No theories needed - it is already explicit!


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Well sometimes people make mistakes. Perhaps he was defending freedom of speech. I went into reading those tweets with an open mind like maybe he's dropping a few off colour jokes. Then WTF he is talking about NAMBLA meetings where he gets ass fucked... there's no defending that from any angle.


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Agreed. Conservatives warned us about this and I thought they were being a bit over the top. Now I am sitting here like "WTF"

To my conservative friend and family - I apologize. I doubted you. How could I possibly have seen the LGBT movement letting things get THIS far (aside from you trying to warn me). I am still a bit shocked.