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It's hard to find really smart, interesting, articulate people at the political extremes. He's found a niche on the religious right. He's not genuine though as far as I can tell. Plus he does ads every 3 minutes.

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Holy shit, you have no idea ... I'm always reminded of (((Gene Simmons))) in an interview I heard on NPR ... when he interjected (as a useless aside) about a deal with one of the credit card companies paying him for using the likeness of his band/logo/makeup/whatever on their plastic debt machines.

At that point, I started changing the channel whenever a KISS song started playing. He was the beginning of my redpill.

I think it's this interview here: ... One jew interviewing another jew ... (and having listened to it again ... holy shit ... his pilpul is stronk)

Edit: I could only stomach about half of the listen-through again, but didn't hear what I was talking about ... maybe it was with another interview with one of the NPR jews, I can't remember and really can't be assed to find it.


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It's a big part of why they're so influential.