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I agree, we need to cut all foreign aid to Israel asap

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Why stop there?

Stop all foreign aid and let's put that money towards solving local problems: hunger, homelessness, drug abuse, etc...

Why do we go around trying to unfuck everyone else when there's shit on our front porch that needs to get dealt with?

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To bribe them to use the US dollar in trade and also so that they will trade with the US (mainly buy US military weapons). Because if they’re dependent on the dollar then we can sanction them into oblivion at will like in Iran, NoKo and of course Russia. I think the US should be more isolationist and let the rest of the world duke it out but they keep getting drawn into the fight eventually anyway so they took a more proactive approach since the end of WW2.

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Why waste your money on degenerates? I do not want a dime of my money to go towards people who refuse to help themselves. I'd rather see the homeless, drug addicts and welfare leeches executed.

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Is this another taxation virtue signaling faggot or does he actually pay for these things and takes n''o more money to the state'' donation tax credits?

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One jew on here downvoted you! I had to counter with an up vote!

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Thank you for these!

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I'm very big in the copy-left concept. I prefer free software, free music and free books whenever possible.

You are most welcome.

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They honestly dont care if you pay or not to watch their satanic garbage.the fact you consume it at all is their main goal.

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You may be right.

All the more reason to simply ignore them.

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Good luck with that! Haha. I do not watch tv or movies. I do not listen to music.

People are so addicted to their satanic entertainment, I'm still bombarded with their shit even though I personally stay away completely.

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Open Culture told me to turn off my adblocker. It can fuck off and burn in hell for all I care.

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Heh, my adblocker blocked that.

EDIT: Anyways, the point was to get people thinking about this, to demonstrate that such things/places exist, and to show how you can find more such sites on your own.

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Lol I'm glad I', the ads are enough to pay for it.

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Make better use of /v/boycott. We have the tools, but no one uses them.

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Thanks for sharing this subverse.

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I don't like niggers. I don't want to pay for more niggers to be born. I have no choice. Tax is on everything I earn and buy.

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That's why I have an electric vehicle for commuting and save the gas hog for when it's actually needed. We're not importing any electricity from anywhere. Every Watt is generated in the United States using American labor. Driving giant trucks and SUVs just to commute to work is stupid as fuck regardless, but it's just handing money to Saudi Arabia and all the fucking bankers that are involved in trading oil.

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am i correct in stating that the US just surpassed the towelheads in oil production? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/us-will-surpass-saudi-arabia-rival-russias-oil-production-in-2018

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Yep, but until the US imports ZERO oil, every gallon you burn is sending money to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iran, and other wonderful places.

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You got that right. We should be putting up new nuclear power plants all over America too, so we can decrease our reliance on foreign sources for our power generation.

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Not all book publishers are the enemy, we don't want fewer good books after all.

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I don't believe that forcing someone to pay for content guarantees good content.

Many good books, songs, and plays were written BEFORE copyright was ever an idea. Software is written everyday that costs nothing. If copyright/IP laws were abolished tomorrow, books, songs, movies, and software would all continue to be made.

Nothing in the world is preventing you from donating to a talented content creator.

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Many good stories were written by societies and cultures, not individual people. They just happened to be captured and penned by individuals. This is why copyright in it's perpetual form is dangerous. Disney built their empire on these such stories, but then they pulled the ladder up to prevent anyone from coming after them.

There was a post earlier on voat about 9 versions of Robin Hood incoming. Part of the reason why we have so many incarnations of these stale and old legends is because the pool of stories to build upon isn't growing and they aren't being updated with the times. We can't have our own telling of Star Wars, even though it's over 40 years old, so all these people can attempt to do is start where Disney started but with a huge handicap.

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I don't believe that forcing someone to pay for content guarantees good content.

I don't believe that either, but removing financial incentive for authors, and publishers to bank roll them, will guarantee there will be less content and by extension likely less good content.

Many good books were written before copyright

Overwhelmingly by the privileged upper class. Later, during the height of reading as a Western pastime great use was made of publishers and financial compensation. Else the odd poor genius that died broke, which doesn't exactly incentivize great literature...especially in the modern economic era.

Nothing in the world is preventing you from donating to a talented content creator.

The amount of time and labor it takes to write great literature isn't comparable to many other forms of art. Yes, small donations are one mechanism by which an author can get their work funded, but it is hardly the best one, nor the only one, nor has it ever been so. This odd-job, voluntarist/donating culture is generally the worst manifestation of economic viability or incentivization for authors. Publishers exist for good reason.

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