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Here's an article from Wikipedia on the topic:

Anti Jewish Violence in Poland 1944-1946

My understanding is that Polish leaders were crypto-Jews, in other words people of Jewish ancestry, who did not practice Judaism openly. But correct me if i'm wrong, I'm not an expert on Polish history.


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As I said there was some retaliation. Most of these stories are exaggerated, especially when read on wikipedia. Up to 1956 lots of communist jews in politics used their real names. The whole political system consisted of about half jews and half degenerate goyim, some not Polish. The real power was in jewish hands though. As most of the executive/managerial/lead positions in any field – remember that in communism any significant business was "state owned".

A crypto jew is a jewish individual that assumes a name sounding typical to the host country he's in and acts like he is a native. Just to clarify that if by practicing judaism you meant only taking part in religious rituals.