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I'll give you a few short ones:

  • Jews and Jewish communities existing in all countries occupied by Germany at the end of WWII

  • Many famous Jews such as Elie Wiesel, Nick Sarkozy, Kissinger, Soros, etc, came to the west with the Germans, fleeing the Russians

  • Germany still had Jews after 12 years of Hitler, while Poland had virtually no Jews left after 12 months of pogroms after WWII ended

  • Hitler had a Jewish doctor (Dr. Morel), a Jewish cook, and a Jew (Heydrich) heading his secret police

  • There were 4 million holocaust survivors receiving money from the German government after the end of the War. The Jews were supposedly slaughtered like cattle and their parts used industrially. How many cows are killed every year? How many of those cows survive the slaughter houses?

  • Many of the holocaust accusations were (industrially using corpses, and gassings) were also made during WWI. They were admitted to be false accusations by the British in 1925.

  • If the holocaust is real and the truth wins out, why do there have to be holocaust denial laws in so many countries?

  • Story keeps chaging in major elements after so many assurances that it was 100% true. Examples of items that have been admitted to be false after the end of the war: soap bars made out of Jews, gas chambers at Dachau, lampshades of human skin, shrunken heads.

  • The notion of commiting a genocide, of exterminating a particular nationality, has no roots or connection to German culture, while it has very strong roots in the culture of the allies. Example: the gassings of Haitians during the Haitian war of independence, the extermination of the American Indian, the Hooton plan, the Morgenthau plan, this book. If genocide had its roots in German culture, this would be front and center of the accusations against the Germans, they would say: "see they committed genocide before", or "they talked about it, they planned it out and then they did it". In other words, the "holocaust" is a projection.

Also, remember any questions that are ommitted or left unanswered in the official story, can often give us clues as to further red pills.


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I think the biggest redpill for me was the canadian trial and the expert on funeral home ovens used to burn people.. by his math the amount time and energy needed to cremate 6 gorrilion bodies is absooutly impossible.. it would have been a 24 hour a day 7bdays a week full time job just to burn the bodies.. much less rounding them up and convincing 6 gorrillion to just walk into deaths doors willingly.


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Cool summary


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Poland had virtually no Jews left after 12 months of pogroms after WWII ended

Care to elaborate? There were retaliations for what jews were doing that days. That is – just giving the soviet forces name lists of potential leaders or any others skilled appropriately to run any kind of resistance to communists. Then those pointed individuals were just killed or exiled to Siberia. But you can't say virtually no jews left after 1946 when they were ruling Poland openly as communist structures and didn't even care to go crypto for an entire decade.


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Here's an article from Wikipedia on the topic:

Anti Jewish Violence in Poland 1944-1946

My understanding is that Polish leaders were crypto-Jews, in other words people of Jewish ancestry, who did not practice Judaism openly. But correct me if i'm wrong, I'm not an expert on Polish history.