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The gas chambers aren't air tight. Because they aren't gas chambers, they are showers.


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Or: The Gas chambers are an "accurate reconstruction" done by the Soviets and the ominous chimney attached to the structure goes no where.


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the sovietz could have done it, or the nazis could have done it as well. i mean you just cant fucking deny that they all fucking hated jews, you just gotta look at nazi propaganda. i think, if the nazis hate jews, and if they were all ranting about racial superiority and supremacy and the reich's aryan purity and how shitty the jews are and if they knew they could have done it then they could really just have gone the fuck on ahead with them camps mate


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Auschwitz is confused constantly with Birkenau 2, about 30 minutes up the road. Even if you search for Auschwitz the first result is a picture of Birkenau 2.

Birkenau 2's infamous gas chambers are located directly between this massive camp and massive industrial buildings where people would have worked. Odd place to put gas chambers since they'd have needed to be running 24 hours a day and you'd be marching thousands of workers past it at least twice a day. Workers who I suppose weren't going to shower?

All those people would die due to lack of hygiene within a week.


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Not sure who downvoted you because you're right...