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Another image host down. Libs tell us if we don't like their shit sites, to make our own. Every time we do, they sabotage it by uploading/posting illegal shit.

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Slimgur was taken down via weaponized child porn. They uploaded it to the service then reported it to the hosting provider to cancel the account.

Hooktube got big enough for YouTube to notice them and lean on them with lawyers.

  • Catbox.moe
  • Imgoat.com
  • PewTube.com
  • BitChute.com

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No, the left blatantly says they want to shut us down, it's the cucks on the right who say that to justify the big social media sites banning dissent.

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They can't have opposing points of view.

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Maybe they get shut down because it doesn't make enough money ?

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Ok, so that leaves:

https://imgoat.com/ (Patreon) (/v/imgoat)

https://catbox.moe/ (Patreon)

Ok guys, its time to pay up at least $1 a month to the remaining image host(s) that you enjoy using. If you want to keep them around let alone developing features.

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i own catbox, and you guys are pretty cool. any questions, don't be afraid to ask. imgoat is also owned by a voater.

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Thanks for the shoutout. I'll link the Imgoat patreon here in case anybody is interested:

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how do you pay the bills for the site?

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I've got a question for ya, why do I have to click on a link just to paste in a URL?

Good work though, thanks.

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I've been using imgoat a lot, less familiar with catbox

If either of you is interested I'd like to find an image host to integrate with https://notabug.io for easier uploads.

The way I'd like to set it up is notabug will embed the uploaded image in an expando but the link will go to your page where you can beg for donations or serve tasteful ads.

Ideally you will generate a thumbnail I can reliably embed as well.

If you're interested let me know. Not sure how this would work on a technical level but I'm sure we can work it out.

CC @discoball

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Are there any that don't require JS and don't require a signup?

How about any that don't require a signup?

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You can use Imgoat without sign-up but its easier to manage if you have an account.

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Donations won't stop sabotage

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Fuck not again.

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A quick list of Some surviving non (((google))) youtube image and social media sites. Bitchute, 4Chan, imgoat.com, Minds, Steemit, Gab.ai, Dailymotion, i.imgtc.com, Phuks.co, mixtape.moe, Vimeo, tumblr/flickr, Medium, Twatter, typead, Sealion Club, PewTube, Full30Real. Video, Wordpress, files.catbox.moe, blogspot,

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Sealion has been offline for a while now, but it was only one node of gnu social.

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Fuck all these sites for going offline without warning. That's the big problem with alternative hosts is that again and again they go offline and lose EVERYTHING

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Going down is one thing, but what happens to all the old images?

At least upload them all in a few massive torrent files so someone can rehost them.

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a little warning would have been nice... The correct way to do this shit is to be read only for some time with a warning, hell charge for the RO so that people can get their shit off.

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The kind of idiot that expects a free host to save their data gets what they deserve.

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I wonder (((who))) is responsible for this.

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someone make an ipfs image host already

blockchain or die

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well, it's time to spread the good word of IPFS

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can't have competition to the big sites now can we?

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