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*I do object that it shouldn't be obligatory though. That's just a fee

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My patronage is my tip. Tipping is emotional and emotions lead to communism. Compete honestly with honest prices and honest wages. If you treat your customers like shit over made up fees screw your business and kiss your review score goodbye.

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It's basically an extension of "shows compassion"

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Pay taxes.

Have music and conversations at normal levels.

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The reasonable levels of music thing is so big. Nigs actually get offended/angry if someone politely asks them to reduce their music volume to a level that doesn’t bother all their neighbors...

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Their brains simply don't have the capacity to understand such complicated concepts as sound and how it travels. Seriously, we always think of them as having common sense and reasoning like us, but the truth is they are blissfully ignorant of even the most basic concepts. They are nothing more than adult children who are incapable of caring for themselves on any level, as represented by ALL countries which are predominantly black.

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they grow up with noise, violence, and constantly fighting with everyone. They'd suffer serious withdrawal symptoms if that suddenly were to stop. Only the negroes could have started rap music, which tells you already what's it all about.

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pay taxes

Good goy.

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If you know of a way to not pay taxes without getting disappeared please let us know

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Pay taxes.

Our no 1 mistake that will bring us close to extinction.

I now have no choice but to do a snake standoff.

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snake standoff

Now I'm picturing multiple snakes with various guns holding each other up. lol

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do it faggot

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They leave their doors open at gas stations with their shit music playing so I’m forced to hear that noise.

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If they do, they bring along those little bluetooth boxes so they can blast their shit music in nature. That's what people go out hiking for, to listen to other people's shitty music at high volumes on shitty speakers.

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At least play something made by Jeremy Souleinstead shitty nigga rap music on that box.

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Japanese hike, don't they?

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Little things like invent democracy, aviation, computers, steam engine, anesthesia, modern medicine, internal combustion, railroads, cars, buildings more than one story, telephone, broadcasting, opera, ballet, etc.

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In short, modern civilization.

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Dont walk down the middle of the road.

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Lol, yesterday we saw a pretty white girl making chalk drawings on manhole covers in the middle of a major, very busy roadway.

She's a local crazy that we all put up with though, I guess probably because she's pretty.

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Stick your dick in it!

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ugh yea this annoys me black people constantly jaywalk right infront of cars, or ride bicycles right in front as if they could give a shit for anyone else on the road.

Like one time I was coming off a freeway off ramp and the light was green turning yellow, so as the last car I made the turn. This black guy with no helmet comes from around the corner and decides to ride through the crosswalk on my green light right in front of my car swerves, falls down, then he gets up and starts yelling and cursing at me. And this fucking other guy after I stopped and looked back had the gall "you know you hit him right?" I didn't fucking hit him he almost hit me and he fucking illegally crossed.

still pisses me off. If I ran a red light then the other cars which were stopped would have filled the intersection and I would have been hitting them. But everyone was treating me like the bad guy.

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Protip: don't live in an area with black "people".

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Reds do this too.

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We call them "pana's" and yes they are disgusting and walk around my downtown area drunk at all hours of the day begging for gibs

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native american phenotype?

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White as a ghost, but I walk down the middle of the road on a daily basis.

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Well, it is rockfish season

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Due to the amount of spicks in the USA, I conclude that this is false.

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Rio grande is pretty shallow and is readily fordable for most of the year.

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Leave a penny take a penny.

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Are white people good at taking the penny though?

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I've probably broken even on taking pennies and dumping my change pennies.

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We don't have to be. The cashier does it for you.

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A white person using cash?

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Show proper decorum in communal spaces such as movie theaters.

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I had to tell some groid at the gym to shut the fuck up because he was loudly talking about fucking some chick on his phone the other day. He tried to turn it around asking if I had headphones to put in, so I just made sure the person he was talking to heard me making fun of him for telling everyone around that he can't get laid. Being made to look weak is literally the only form of social pressure they understand.

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