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Add Jews to the mixture and the IQ drops to 85, but all the testing gets skewed and shows 105.

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It's true, Semitic peoples have weaker emotional control than other races so it's quite common for them to have to take steps to protect their feelings.

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In the Robin Hood movie Ivanhoe, published in 1952, Elizabeth Taylor played a Jew who at some point is in a conversation with a native Brit who says something like, 'Is it true you Jews don't have any feelings?' Elizabeth Taylor's character replies, 'We're taught not to have them.'

It might be reasonable, regarding a television series from the subsequent decade, to assume that it is Jews who are represented by the famous Mr. Spock and his fellow Vulcans on Star Trek. A central part of the notion of Vulcans, is that they are a people who have a cultural ideal of training themselves to not have any feelings.

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When this blacked baby hits 88, we're going to see some serious shit-flinging.

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86 is demonstrably wildly over optimistic.

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The last picture is apt. If you follow the math as they were presenting it, 1 IQ point is missing.

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You can't expect the math to work out perfectly. With an average IQ of 88, there are going to be some mistakes made.

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That's the joke.

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78 IQ

Fuck, OP is being optimistic, he's assuming we're getting the good niggers. The Somalian ones with >65 IQ averages are the ones we're likely to get.

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IQ scores are normalized to have a mean of 100, so if the picture were accurate, then 88 would be the new 100

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Came here to say this: IQ does not work that way, goodnight

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And that is why no white person should ever race-mix. Your future children will hate you forever for diluting their genetic legacy.

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I think they'll hate you just for being ugly as fuck. "You gave me kinky hair, repulsive facial features, and coffee stain skin you coal burning skank!"

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You've never seen Nathalie Emannuel.

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Europeans shouldn't mix with Asians, you're giving your kid a cultural identity crisis.

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