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Any ideas how to dox this package thief west jordan utah?

Second photo (from neighbor who also got snatched by same snatcher) with better res.



7800 facebook shares.

Contacted local media havent heard back.

I'll bet that trailer is there to hide their plate. In UT small trailers dont need plates.

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The media would be more than happy to help you. Not only for a news story, but also for their own social media exposure.

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And media would eat this up since it's a white person doing crime.

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Contact local media?

Reward fliers on telephone poles?

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If you have the patience then scour Facebook. I haven't used it in years, but you used to be able to search for people by city and state. Look at all of the pictures until you find a suspected match then view the profile to get a better idea if it's the one.

Also, I want to just be clear that I dont advocate Facebook, but there are still a lot of people who use it and it is pretty useful to find publicly available info on people.

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the same day it was founded, the gov cancelled a project to store every citizens spied-out data on a server to search through it.

coincidence? i think not.

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She is wearing different clothes in your two pictures, which means she has done this more than once. Instead of asking the internet for help, why don't you contact the police or even set up your own sting operation to catch her the next time?

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This guy catches robbers.

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And what would he do after the catch? The world is crazy and anything would end in an accusation against him. Unless he keeps it in a basement dungeon or maybe 6 feet under in his backyard.

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They're actually towing a trailer. They must do this all the time. I hope they are caught.

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Is that a Toyota 4Runner?

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Looks more like a Nissan Pathfinder

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I think so.

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To those saying this is a tranny, the chances are very slim. Far better odds of just an ugly female. For every tranny running around there's got to be 10,000 hatchet-faces like this. Just food for thought.

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Is that American for a "battle-axe"?

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Normally can* tell by head to shoulder ratio. Males have wider shoulders, females have smaller. Generally.

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It's a fucking Jew. I grew up with Jews. I like many Jews. It is a Jew all day long.

And if you think otherwise, what the fuck do you think she is?

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What are those odds when you limit it to criminals disguising themselves from home security cams while they do crimes?

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Appropriating trans culture, i like it!

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Looks like a monkey stealing food.

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She has problem glasses too

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Looks like a rare poor Jew to me. Seriously, check it again.

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Drug addict

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Yeah, was going to say. Heroin.

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The truck may be ubiquitous, but the trailer not so much - and that truck with THAT trailer is probably unique. Wanna bet he is a trash scrounger - looking for metals, old TV and BBQ's, etc for the local scrap yards. So he's driving through the residential neighborhoods all day and is now also snatching packages. Watch for him on garbage pick up days - when they do the recycling and people put out the larger items.

The local scrap dealers will know that truck. High probability he is a regular within 30 miles. Thing is, if he gets word of it he'll scrap the trailer or sell it off as likely. Changing trucks is a bigger deal. But give up the lifestyle? Not likely.

Of course, the cops may already know who she is - or know the vehicle. If he is not local he will probably be from a nearby region.

Find the girl, or find the truck with trailer. Then catch them in the act. You've already caught her. Maybe she already has a record. But to catch him you have to get them with the goods in the truck, or while they are stealing it. Unless she identifies him.

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>tranny body


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Don't do meth, mmkkk?

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Not even just once? Just a teeny little bit?

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so that's what Janeane Garofalo is doing these days

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