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Credit to @KosherHiveKicker & @Crensch & @Kill-Commies

Jews attacking The Second Amendment

Jews being the sole driving force behind the invasion of Europe and the US is JEWS, meaning they're waging a war on WHITE countries that they are allowed to infiltrate.

Jews are literally the only reason the Bolshevik Genocide happened, bro.

All in all, every policy they push for in the US, is the exact opposite of what's done in Israel.   They also know the policies they push for are destructive to a society, and they know it which is why they do it.  Also, their nepotism costs more qualified, American citizens their spot. We give them $3.8B/year for the next 10 years. For an already bloated/expensive gov't to be giving away that amount while veterans/children/US citizens go hungry or without proper shelter is a disgrace. There's so much more but this is a start.

edit (this is a response by crensch to someone that i'm not editing to make sense, but you'' understand the points):

Pushing multiculturalism, race-mixing, globalism, victimhood narrative, or the holohoax. Pretending to be white to call out "us whites"2, having dual citizenship with your lie of a country, attacking the US from that lie of a country, being Israel-first faggots, only hiring kikes to top positions of companies you've infiltrated, subverting our government with your child-slavery-and-fucking mutual-destruction blackmail. The fact that questioning your holocaust lie is illegal, that you fucks have been removed from 359 countries you previously pulled your kike tricks in, your Loxism, and trying to genocide whites with your "open borders", and how likely it is that you'll try to Bolshevik us if you ever get real power in the US.

You use those positions to try and destroy non-jews and their countries. You also only hire within your own tribe, which solidifies your power hold.

You needed to subvert the US and UN to force Palestine to give you a homeland, and you need the US to keep giving you shekels to keep your country alive.


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Thank You for helping spread The Truth.


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Credit to @Rainy-day-dream for the following. Sorry if this has already been posted but its one lf the best and I didn't see it.


Abandon hope all ye who enter here

if you're new from reddit I hope you read through my earlier two threads first (#1 and #2). It's time for what is known as the final redpill; The JQ. The Jewish Question and the question is usually something along the lines of "who is responsible for this!?" and the answer usually ends with -berg, -stein, or -mann along with many others. Let me also say this before we go further, you already probably hate jews. You're just probably not aware that they're jews but all the problems and issues I gave redpills about before are the work of jews. Of course you might think "no that's not true, it's not the jews it's (((democrats and the DNC))), it's (((the media and hollywood))), it's (((the EU))), it's (((the 1%))), it's (((immigration))), it's (((feminists))), it's (((college liberals))), it's (((communists!)))". what you need to understand is we only have one real enemy and it's always been the jews since time immemorial. It's also important to understand the NWO, the new world order. Our enemy is organized.

Jews are different from other non-whites, ideally for all the rest arrangements can be made to have them return to their ancestral homes and then we merely need to end foreign aid. But the jews work against us even in israel there is basically no way to end this without exterminating them. As for why they're different you really ought to read the talmud yourself but let's hear just a bit from the rats themselves;

and that brings us to an important point, we need to discuss something you probably thought for a long time was just a joke, trolling, or people being edgy; Hitler was right, and did nothing wrong. for this you're going to need to watch some videos and take a short quiz, it's best to do this in the order I give them. Know right now that most of what you've heard before is lies.

if you actually looked at and watched everything up to this point I really ought to apologize, because that's it unless you have a tremendously bad memory or something it's too late, you are a nazi. You might not think so now, it might take you a while to actually believe it or accept it but once you know all this you will notice things. Politics, society, and popular culture will probably never quite be the same for you. If you experience this there will only be two real paths after the red pill;

  • the black pill = Untermensch

  • the iron pill = Übermensch

will you prepare yourself to fight? or will you die like a dog?

if you want to know more I'd recommend watching the greatest story never told and reading culture of critique by Kevin B. MacDonald, and here's Mein Kampf. Feel free to take this all with as much salt as you feel necessary and do your own research, the truth fears no investigation.


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just so you know I edited this every now and then as I got reminded of stuff or images/video got taken down i.e. if you try the "a primer" link in this version it'll come up deleted


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Archived for safekeeping.


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