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Yeah, no. The left is not losing their mind over russians. They're losing their minds because the media tells them to.

If the media doesn't tell them to lose their minds, they won't.

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I was gonna say this and you beat me to it. Well done goat, great work

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Same here lol

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Yeah, no. The left is not losing their mind over russians. They're losing their minds because the media tells them to.

Sorry, incorrect. The left is a culture of group mentality. They never lost their mind, they elected to never think for themselves and just want to "fit in" and because of that they never question who's deciding what's "in". It's the "feel good" group.

It's funny because in science the left half of your brain is considered the logical hemisphere and the right is the emotional, leave it to politics to flip that.

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because they are paid to.

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They know. It's them.

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Israel = Rothschilds Come on, peeps. Lets move the dialogue along.

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3 Types... British Euro Elite type Piers Morgans etc 2 the Saudi ragheady brotherhood open borders type, finally globalist marxist jew porn smut mexi commie Jewish/Israeli influence on the USA, all these 3 combined against the United.States. government. .... Russians, Afro Centrists, Japan, Indian Sikhs street shitters, Asian players all kinds and all other Commie also do it but there are 3 big players best influence are 1 British euro royalty, 2 islamics Saudi oil money, 3 perverted Globalist Jews like Soros

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imagine if you guys actually listened to Trump and realized that he is a fucking Israeli Puppet. Imagine that.

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we know but so was hillary

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That changes nothing.

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LOL, ok faggot.

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That's what I meant.

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And along with that, Trump is protecting the military-industrial cabal. He's basically running interference with his tweets and rallies, focusing all attention away from the absurd amounts of taxpayer money spent on international wars that - even if be a small portion of that total - could easily be used to "rebuild America" in countless measures of infrastructure and quality of life.

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Trump could easily say thats it...we are going to cut the millitary budget in half but anybody who losses a job will be at the front of the line for a construction job and or border patrol job.. we will fund this by the millitary cut and we will stop sending aid to isreal and anyother country that goes against western values.. there ya go... who is going to go crazy and oppose this besides jews and jew media? The left who are not activly jew puppets or traitors could not possibly argue against cutting the millitary in half and exiting wars in the middle east.. shit id be ok with a program thag allowed daca type imigrants to work for the rebuilding program for 5 years to work towards citizenship or something.

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That can't be possible, because that's anti-semitism. If you believe that, you're a Nazi.

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But if i say that trump is a kike and putin is a shelomova kike, then downvoat brigade commences.

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Idea. Replace jew/israel with russian on a bunch of jew redpill infographs then at the bottom say "actually, they aren't russian, they're jewish!"

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but but but isreal is our greatest ally and russia is bad

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They just do what the telly tells them. They would lose their minds over the martians if told to.

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