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Personal freedom and freedom from debt slavery is the true American dream.

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Damned straight.

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Things you own end up owning you.

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Well look at blacks, used to be slaves, now we end up paying for all their gibs.

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Things you own end up owning you.


Well look at blacks, used to be slaves, now we end up paying for all their gibs.

So, you used to own slaves?

Speak for yourself your tribe, Schlomo.

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That's all LBJ. possibly the most evil man to have ever lived

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Reminds me of that Dylan song, everybody s got to serve someone.

Bullshit. That's why I'm saving for retirement like a mother fucket now.

I'm gonna but 10 acres in West Virginia in the most rural whitest area in the state. Then farm and kill all my food.

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Living in a mansion and living off grid have some similarities. Generally, they're both idealized lives, they're both isolated from other people, take hard work (to get there and maintain the lifestyle on your own), and the government will still try to rob you (attempting to force you to get back on the grid, stupid high taxes...).

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stupid high taxes

Good joke. If you're rich, you pay less taxes (percentage wise). Capital gains are taxed at a lower rate. You don't have to pay social security or medicare taxes on those earnings. And then you hire an accountant to itemize and process deductions for even more savings. Then you hire a charity administrator to buy shit and pay for your parties under the guise of a "non-profit" so you don't pay taxes on that either.

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I'm in the 35% bracket and I absolutely get fucked up the ass.

I'm apparently a member of the lower end of the 1% and I don't have any of that shit. I have one home, we have 2 cars, I drive a 2007 VW Passat and that's our 'fancy car' we have 5 kids who I have to feed, take care of, and save up money for so they can have a better life and not have to worry as much. We spent years building up to this income. I don't hire anyone to mow my lawn, the wife made it into a vegetable garden, the only time we hire anyone at all is the accountant for the business/it's employees and a maintenance guy for everytime this piece of shit washing machine we have breaks on us and my methods of screwing around with it don't seem to help.

Charity parties? What the fuck? I don't care about the 0.01% percent who are flying around doing all this shit. When someone fucks me in the ass I don't scream at the people who have it better off I scream at the people trying to fuck me.

Come fucking tell me when I'm working my ass off how I'm not paying enough meanwhile we've got 10s of millions of people who can work but decide to be welfare leeches.

It's not the people at The top who aren't paying their end of the bargain in the "social contract" it's the fucking leeches that we let in this country and the worthless sacks of shit who scream "muh 1%" all the time. Tell me how I need to pay more taxes so that JEROME or some tranny can tell me how much of a racist white privledged guy I am on the newest Iphone while my phones 6 years old.

edit: Go fuck yourself, if my taxes were lowered by a significant amount most of that new money would be going to my employees, I'd give everyone a raise, even the dumbass janitor who I should have fired long ago for constantly breaking shit but keep him on because he actually tries and since he has kids as a single father.

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This is a liberal talking point that is entirely misleading. The top quarter basically pays all of the income taxes in the US. You don't need an accountant to itemize deductions. The charity money laundering is essentially true though, that's exactly what the Clinton's do.

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Nigga, taxes are based on percentage, so to say they pay less percentage wise is retatded.

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100 acres of woodland and a log cabin. That's my dream now.

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Amen! A little stream with some trout, blueberry brambles, ahh! I think this is in Canada. It would be perfect, less that faggot Trudeau.

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I lived in my van for about a month. One of the the most fun experiences I've had.

Got married, now I have a hard time even going camping.

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You're doing it wrong. :D My wife has planned a 6~7 week long van camping road trip, she keeps telling me she's ready to go now. We did the same a couple years back (4~5 weeks) and loved it. I don't have to do anything except drive... she's done 100% of the planning/snooping out BLM/NFS land for dispersed camping, hot springs, hiking, etc...

Love my friggin wife.

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Where can I find one of those?

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What was once the butt of an early 90's SNL joke has now become a standard for alternative living. Never thought that "living in a van down by the river" would become a compliment the first time I heard it.

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Of course the real solution is to own land. Be off grid in your land. By your part of the river. Pass it onto your children. Make sure they understand it's not for sale.

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So true, we've seen what happens to squatters when confronted with LEA.

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I really like that camper.

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I had the Chevy custom version of this. I sold it like a dumb ass. I always regretted letting that one get away. I used it a lot at the time, though.

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I’m casually shopping for used campers right now. That Chevy is what I see a lot of, probably what I’ll buy, maybe the ford..

I don’t see any 4X4s though...

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It's a proper mother ship with even a scout vessel attached to the back.

It's a 4x4 truck so it can get places normal campers can't with ease. I can't recall seeing one like this. The ones I see have the camper in the bed of the truck and you can put some legs down and drive the truck out from under it. This gives you a basecamp and a vehicle to zoom around in.

This takes away that option but the camper looks a whole lot bigger. Way bigger, extended out the back bigger in fact.

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Ya it’s a Toyota-based 4x4 so it will go anywhere and run forever! A hitch for the boat, dog, a generator, some gas.........good bye world...hello earth

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And after a while you start dreaming of living in a mansion again.

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